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BHO vac tech question

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Strobe, Mar 13, 2013.


    Strobe Active Member

    hey guys I recently bought a vac pump and chamber to better purge my oil. I used a normal pancake grittle to apply heat and set my chamber (metal) directly on top and checked temps with a laser thermometer. I was shooting for 120* and was able to maintain it as long as I was there to check temps and turn it off when it started getting too hot. How do you guys maintain a low set heat for long periods while in vac?

    vacpurge New Member

    keep it on a very very very low temperature. let it sit for a few hours to confirm its not going to slowly raise. then just let it sit. try to keep the windows in the room closed.

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    yupp.. with the griddles, you really wan to use the very low settings, especially with your vac chamber directly on it..

    i applied electrical tape to the bottom part of the outside of my chamber so i can take a temp reading of that, and get a decent estimate of my internal oil temperature..

    since you are getting used to temps and this system.. .. if you are trying to reach 120F i would, i would barely turn your griddle to the on position, let it sit for about 30 min.. check temps.. if you need to raise temps higher.. adjust very lightly.. only adjust temps upward till you get your desired temp.. for now at least.. it gets easier.. just be patient, or else you will burn your product!

    RobTheViking420 Member

    Induction heat plate.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    I use a Corning Scholar 170 hot plate inside the chamber and the first notch is ~115F.

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