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BHO Method - Butane Hash Oil. Who knows how to make it?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by HeatlessBBQ, May 10, 2011.


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i cant find a good source anywhere.

    anyone got a good recipe?

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    YouTube...Make sure you do it outdoors and away from any and ALL ignition sources...And don't wear wool while you extract, either. I learned from videos on YouTube.
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    Daath .

    Outdoors for sure. I took a prescription pill bottle, made a grid of holes in the bottom, with one hole in the lid just big enough to stick the tip (lol) of the butane can in. Make sure you get clean butane. Fill the bottle with your product and run the butane through. Use a pyrex dish to catch all the material. Putting said pyrex dish into a bowl of hot water helps boil off the butane faster. Scrape the oil down into the butane as it boils off. That will make it easier to get out without having to scrape the entire dish when it's done.
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee Active Member

    I don't know about down south, but here in Canada most headshops carry a device called the honey bee extractor made specifically for BHO. Its somekind of strong PVC that won't degrade in that environment(cold-nonpolar). I have heard of regular makeshift pvc tube breaking down and being inside the oil.

    I have been trying a new method recently. I take a halfounce of preemo and put it in a round bottom flask with about 250ml isopropyl alcohol(methanol or ethanol would work) and reflux for 4 hours. Then I extract with a petroleum ether(naptha), the I reflux that with about 2ml H2SO4(Sulphuric acid) for another 4 hours. Wash with basified water and separate the naptha and evaporate.

    It makes a black hash, but it is much more potent. I have had BHO that was perfectly golden, I am going to try my method with some clean BHO in a couple weeks.

    PStanky Active Member

    honey bee extractor is definately the way to go.
    i use mine and i works wonders =)
    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps Well-Known Member

    BHO is the jam man, so so dank, knock you on your ass dank!

    Either buy or make a BHO tube, i got mine for 30$ at a local head shop, buy good butane(5x filtered is preferred), get out your pyrex pan, fill tube with weed, have some boiling water on the ready, shoot butane through BHO tube and allow it to collect in the pyrex pan, after it's all in the pan give the pyrex pan a warm water bath.

    Some prefer to whip the honey oil while the butane is evaporating, it gives it a waxy consistency that is much easier to handle..

    Good luck and enjoy that sweet sweet gold!
    Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee Active Member

    Good explanation Mike.

    I would recommend "Colibri of London" butane. Its advertised as "Near ZERO impurities". Best oil I have ever had was from a Colibri wash.

    Its in a distinctive silver can with blue graphics.
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    Vector over here... basically equivalent to Colbri... check that Benassi thread, that dudes the shit... pages and pages of oil & oil discussion from a bunch of oil heads including myself

    I just ran an oz of shake/small nugs last night and got 5.4g
    Thats 4x vac purged too.

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    Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee Active Member

    That looks beautiful man.

    Don't mean to sound too incompetent, whats a vac purge?

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    how many OZs of butane did you go through??

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    its basically "curing" the BHO.

    getting rid of the rest of possibly, left behind butane (impurities)

    you dont wanna smoke that shit!
    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps Well-Known Member

    Verde beautiful oil my friend! That shit look's so fucking dank, im jealous!

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    yah verde has a good link

    note (vacuum purge isnt neccesary but is highly recommended)

    Few tips the fresher cut the material the better, (dry fresh fresh matierial yielded the hardest most handable oil pre purge and post purge, comes out more like wax than oil)

    the older the material the more oil soluble it becomes ( i used a 1/2 lb of a month old trim that had been just sitting in a bag and being opened every 2 days and had oil as runny as syrup and as black as pokey's asshole)

    the runnier and darker it is the more cbd's cbn' etc it is composed of which isnt a bad thin if you need to sleep

    Tenner Well-Known Member

    I`m sure thats true! I have some black hash which is like putty. Its the mellowest stuff I had and its burning nicely on a pin with glass over now :)

    mightymiller Active Member

    a glass baster is a good option for this adventure ;)
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    I used like 1.3 cans of Vector. A full can, then about 16 seconds on the second can.

    Thanks dude :)

    No worries, 4 months ago I didn't know either!

    Vac purging is this:

    Most methods require you, AFTER you evaporate most of the butane- to remove the butane stuck in the oil... If you run your tane through your tube, into your pyrex, and you JUST evaporate off the visible butane... your missing a LOT of the butane still in the oil.

    Most methods you would put it on the stove on super low temp and 'whip' the oil to release the butane... You want to avoid HEATING your oil, until you want to SMOKE IT... as you can loose some goodies in the re-heating & not smoking process.

    With the vaccum, you place your oil inside a foodsaver jar, and vacuum the air out with a (clean) BRAKE BLEEDER... This REDUCES the pressure inside the jar, where the oil is... By reducing the pressure, you drastically lower the boiling point of materials inside the vaccum. So by vacuuming to a certain level, the butane wants to EVAPORATE like CRAZY at room temperature!

    So the result is you dont heat it but you get all the tane out

    thanks dude! hit me up if you wanna make some
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    supermoto Active Member

    That is crazy looking oil. I make my oil with Iso but I just ordered a honey bee so I def have to try that out.

    1KARNAGE1 Member

    i know this is an old thread but hopefully daarth is still around as i was just curious as to when you used the pill bottle it didnt leach chems? pill bottles are made from #5 plastic which is polypropylene that apparently does not hold well against butane which is a paraffinic hydrocarbon . i tried this myself and found it tasted different than other tubes and it was more amber as the pill btl was orange in color almost like the color absorbed to[h=3][/h]

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    Get pvc tube,and end caps..a length of what you need..I have multiple lengths..1 to 2 1/2 ft...then in one end cap drill a 7/16th hole in the center(very important) then in the other end cap drill as many holes as you can with same diameter drill bit..then slightly tamp down the tube with ur herb,cap it,then take 2 coffee filters and rubberband them over the multiple hole end,then grab a pyrex pie dish...then go outside with all this..very important,we don't want a stupid stoner story...now take a larger dish for this small dish to set inside...boil water in a pot,place boiling water in larger dish..set on level surface...then away from flames,ignition sources,static electricity..etc..,take smaller dish and. Hold the packed tube verticle above the small dish,with the single hole up and put a can of vector upside down with the tip in the (here's the 'tip'lol) "7/16th in" hole" and press and hold till liquid starts pouring through the coffee filter end..after that can is spent,toss and do another,depending on the size of the tube..after all is spent and your satisfied that you're thru with the materials in the tube,place the small pan you emptied the butane into the hot/boiled water pan to evaporate the butane..what's left is a film you scrape up with a razor blade and is BHO..now I'm not saying this is the best,healthiest,purest method...but it works for me.

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