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BHO Extraction

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by snowmanexpress, Nov 13, 2011.


    snowmanexpress Well-Known Member

    Well, I've got a steel pipe and end caps here that will work great, but, I'm out of trim and like 3/4 full. Can I use like apple peels and stuff to fill the pipe up a little more? What can I use to fill my bho pipe a little more? Should the trim in the tube be really compact? Or slightly loose? 1st timer. Thx.

    mjjbabel Well-Known Member

    The tube doesn't need to be full. I never pack the tube either. You say you have end cap(s). I only use one end cap and that is the one on the top that has a small hole drilled in it for the butane insertion. The bottom of the tube has a mesh screen.

    JustAnotherHead New Member

    Where the F are you guys finding Butane locally? I can't find it at Lowes, Home Depot or even Walmart. I could probably find at the bong shop for like 5 X the price but. Also what kind of a mesh screen? Would a coffee filter work? How dry were your leaves?

    SdY183 Active Member

    have you got a cigar store or discount cigarette outlet in town?

    snowmanexpress Well-Known Member

    The mesh idea is nice, Id rather use no filter like you, but I've got these coffee filters here, and I was thinking about strapping one on the pipe. But I'd much rather have no filter like you. I think I'm just going to drill more holes then cause I don't want to lose any treasures in the screen y'know? Also, I packed it in, and the diameter of the pipe is pretty small so its pretty compact now and I think it will work great.

    snowmanexpress Well-Known Member

    I waited till the trim is crispy now, I put it on white paper and I scrunched it down to fit in mi pipe. The trim crumbled alot, and I got a nice amount of trics on this paper that I tapped off. I'm about to try it in my new bong bowl ya baby. Tastes very fruity for hash and it kept that strain aroma...very nice. I hope I don't lose the flavor with the butane but I'm sure it will wash away maybe. Im thinking about using a coffee filter, but I ilike the mesh idea. So I wont lose any trics. So I was thinking about drilling more holes in the bottom. I've heard the butane is like non-conductive or something so not much clorophyll and plant life comes out in the bath so I've heard it's different from using iso alchohol to hash it out because it butane won't generally soak out plant life with the liquid. So I'll give it a shot. I got my eye on this large butane can for like 8 bucks. Ya man , I go to my smokeshop too, one around me here has much better prices than this other spot of a smokeshop in the "valley" where they smoke fat rocks and charge ridiculous prices. Theyve got like 3 different kinds, I heard amazon dot com sells alot of household goods online if you can wait. I hate waiting for packages!

    Target, lowes, home depot, and even walmart does not sell butane brick and mortar style. Have to go to a cigarette shop of some sort.

    I was going to do dry ice hash sift but I really wanna try this method soooo bad.

    mjjbabel Well-Known Member

    As for butane I either buy it from a local shop for like 1.50 a can (King 3x filtered). The next best alternative would probably buy them in bulk on ebay or another online place that sells them. I get them really cheaply so I never even bothered to look online.

    I use a 1.25" galvanized steel pipe with a cap on the top end and the mesh on the bottom affixed with a metal gasket. I've used a coffee filter the first couple times but ditched it because too much stuff would get stuck to it.

    I've only ever ran stuff that was dried thru the process. All the research I had done said for it to be dry. I've ran as little as 1 zip and as much as 6 zips at once. Probably made about 100 batches or so in all.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    This time of year, it's hard to find butane in smoke shops...gee I wonder why. You all should dry the dry ice method, you can make kief and press into hash very easily without even bubble bags or a hash press.
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    meezy4tw Active Member

    Haha well said lol
    Yeah the dry ice method gives you a huge yield, and its just plain fun lol

    Heads up guys if you want a filter thats cheap and easy try using pantyhose.

    In terms of finding butane, hit up local smoke shops/cigarette stores You can try sams club and costco, although I don't know if they carry it.

    JustAnotherHead New Member

    Wouldn't butane eat right through pantyhose? Also if you are using a mesh screen would stuff fall through? Like crumbly leaves, etc. spoiling the batch? I thought the butane broke down the trichomes into liquid form? Don't u want just liquid coming though?

    anonz Active Member

    no butane is just for pressing your clippings together so it makes alot of pressure inside then the thc is simply pressed out with butane.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Pantyhose works, but it's hard to get the microns correct b/c the weight of the ice stretches the fabric. If you run it a second time through hose, you'll always wind up w/green kief.


    Those are on my to order list, I prefer the 1 gals as opposed to working with a huge 5 gal. As for pressing, I found the cellophane and newspaper oven method works very well, then I simply roll it with a soda can and throw into the freezer for 10 minutes before unwrapping.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the confusion, the pantyhose is a bubble bag substitute for dry ice extraction. I do have a few tips for BHO though. Almost everyone screws up the hole size when drilling for the gas can tip insertion, a small piece of duct tape will stop the gas from leaking out the top and provide a custom fit. Also, I used one of those metal coffee filters cut to size for my bottom.

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    only read the first post apple seeds contain cyanide lol

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