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BHO Coconut oil edibles failure

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Suave69, Oct 23, 2013.


    Suave69 New Member

    I picked up 2 grams of BHO to make edibles with. I let coconut oil simmer (double boil) in the pan mixing the BHO in. I let it simmer on the stove for 1 hour.. Then I threw it in the fridge over night to cook. It was completely dissolved looked like green tinted butter basically.

    I added it into cake mix and cooked the cake 250 heat for 1 1/2 hours as directions said cook longer with slower heat. I made a 9x9 pan and me and my 2 buddies split the whole pan.

    I got a body high for 20 mins maybe and that was it.


    Twitch Well-Known Member

    edibles might not get you high, also if your bho was green there is a problem from the start, also letting it set in the coconut oil for 1.5 hours might have been excessive, i only heat it up till its all dissolved then i pull off the heat, maybe 5 to 10 mins

    i dont really get high off edibles unless i eat alot, i would make brownies with 4 grams of oil and i could eat them all day, brothers friend 24 years old took one bite and called his mom to take him to the hospital, true story. some people get baked off edibles some dont, how did your friend react to it?

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    I have very high tolerance in general but especially to edibles. I put all kinda shit in the crock-pot when I make my oil, hehe.

    But even for your average user, 2gs is not all that much for a 9x9 cake.

    Also like Twitch said, when cooking with concentrates just melt it in for like 5 min.

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