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Best way to use Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets ? ( Soil )

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by justatoker, Feb 3, 2009.


    justatoker New Member

    What's the best way to use ( step to step ) Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets when sprouting a germed seed in them?

    justatoker New Member


    Xare Well-Known Member

    Iam using them for the first time right now.

    So iam interested in this subject too.

    One thing I heard is that the roots may have trouble getting through the nylon.

    So far iam happy with how they are working out, I germed 4 days ago and today I can see white roots poking up through the peat and a few have come out and started showing the first leafs. I did not put them in very deep.

    justatoker New Member

    I was hoping that someone would post a step by step on the best way to use them.

    fartexpress Active Member

    is it really that complicated? i think it says how to use them on the package???

    1)expand in water
    2)plant seed or clone
    3)once rooted or sprouted, plant jiffy in a pot

    justatoker New Member

    No need to be such a "Smarty Pants" ( im being nice :wink: ) about it.. I know how to read the box.. I just wanted to hear from ppl that actually have done it.Step by step.. And the little 1-2-3 you posted is pretty much useless as there is more info than that on the BOX..I was looking for a little ore info.. Like..

    1. How much water is BEST ? How much do you add to expand them and prep them for seeding?. Ive heard ppl say diff amounts from 1/4 cup all the way to 1 cup..

    2. How long do you let them set up before planting the germed seed into them?

    3.How far down do you insert the germed seeds ? How far down is best? Again, ive heeard dif stories.. Some say about 1/4 inch but others have said just lay them on top ( which really sounds not right to me )

    4. Do you need to remove the netting when transplanting the pellet into your next container?

    I do not go by what it says on the labels.. ESPECIALLY after seeing ppl follow the terrible directions in the label of Fox Farms Grow Big etc.. I like to hear from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE from knowledgable ppl that have actually used them..

    fartexpress Active Member

    the amount of water they say to use on the package is fine. worked great for me the few times ive used them.

    plant seed or clone as soon as jiffy is fully expanded.

    plant the seeds about 1/2" deep. plants know which way is up and will grow towards the sky.

    i always remove the netting, but you dont have to as its designed to allow roots to grow through and break the netting.
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    justatoker New Member

    cool thanks +rep. how often did you water them after you put the seeds in?

    thx again

    Thanksfortheinfo Well-Known Member

    I used these just followed the instructions and set the seeds directly into the pellet, they sprouted in 3 days. Started with 6 bagseeds...4 sprouted but 2 that didn't sprout were small (was worth a try)

    I followed the instructions but used a spray bottle to keep the pellets sort of moist. There are looking really healthy now..growing the second set of the little leaves. They look awsome haha

    I am using a regular plant light for now until I get my equipment and rest of supplies


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