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best way to take ambien?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Microdizzey, Dec 12, 2007.

    *. GaMbO .*

    *. GaMbO .* Active Member

    i once took 5 2mg lunestas and a bunch of tylenol pms and i started trippin . . the posters on my wall started movin
    Timmy the Toker

    Timmy the Toker Well-Known Member

    I just read everybody's post. and you people are ridiculous, Take the ambien the way its saposed to be taken and it works just fine. That shit destroyes your liver.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i was tossing and turning last night. had the shooting pains up and down my whole body. i knew it was gonna be one of those nights. i got up and orally took 1 whole ambien cr. i laid down and started to read. 15 mins later i got a big head rush. i rolled over and fell asleep.

    2bias Active Member

    the best ambien are the little white 10mg ones.......i took 4 of em and i couldnt walk every time i got up i would just fall to the floor..but i would do it again

    oneyearorange New Member

    Ambien is no joke. It's not a drug to fuck with. Your best bet is to time it right. If you want to be in bed by 9 take it at 8 30. Then I would prolly just get into bed at around 10 of and believe me you will fall asleep fast. If you don't get to bed chances are you will wake up around 6 am on the couch. I personally didn't like ambien so my dr. now gives me seriquile. The thing with ambien is that I would have really crazy ass lucid vivid dreams. The dreams would be so real it would be like I was really awake while having them. So I didn't really feel refreshed in the morning. Also ambien will fuck with your thoughts and personality. I would rambel on about the most stupid shit before I fell asleep. Then regret shit I said. Seriquile's worst side effect for me is the bad morning breath it gives you. You wake up with a greasy load in your mouth. It's gross. You should maybe switch if you end up not like ambien. Just my thoughts anyways.

    oneyearorange New Member

    [SIZE=-1]Or another fun one is taking two tylenol PM’s and try to masturbate before you fall asleep… the good thing about it is you always win.

    chiknmunky Active Member

    Hmmm... once took 3 ambiens and i still had trouble sleeping (with no noticeable "high"). Although I usually have a HUGE drug tollerance (i do not notice an effect after 5 vicodin es)

    I guess everyone is different.

    Pimpmastagrow Well-Known Member

    can you take zolpidem tartrate (lower grade of ambien) and be high a couple hours before without any side affects

    GreenBuds33 Active Member

    no it wil make you trip but not really get you high

    pamaris Well-Known Member

    I am a chronic insomniac but Ambien never worked for me. I would stay awake through the period I was supposed to be sleeping, and it would be like a delirious waking dream, but not in a good way at all. Kinda like... tired, delirious, tripping, outside my body, racing, NONSENSICAL thoughts. It might sound cool but it really isn't. My mom took it and got manic- went on the internet and ordered $300 worth of Omaha Steaks- she had so much inner peace and ecstatic excitement about the joy she would bring to the family with steak. WTF!

    The stuff makes you completely delirious. I've since tried zopiclone (Lunesta) and it works like a dream... ha ha.

    Pimpmastagrow Well-Known Member

    no it wil make you trip but not really get you highactually i took it and the ambien didnt even work nothing happened i dont get it

    jarichon Member

    best way to take any sleep medications is intermittently. So take it for a few nights and then not for a few nights

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