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best way to get rid of spider mites?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kornssj, Jan 5, 2013.


    kornssj Active Member

    Hi im going into flowering this is my first week and ive had a pretty bad spidermite problem. I was told non-grease soap and water spray, and its been working for a while. However I know I cant be spraying them well into the flowering stage.

    Please someone let me know the best way to take care of this problem atleast a good while so i can flower properly. thanks.

    hammer21 Well-Known Member

    Get some hot shot strips hang them up for 14 days and problem gone. They say 1 per 100 square foot double it quick easy simple

    cocakola Active Member

    You can spray in any time in flowering , I am speaking from experience. I just got rid of my spider mite problem( i think cuz i dnt see no more) by steaming and cleaning my room , walls , floors , equipment etc.

    I had to chop my mothers & throw them away then individually dip each clone in a alcohol n disp soap mix , so far so good.

    But back to spraying in flowering I used the same mix on my girls up to a few days before harvest , no problems.

    I would say that ur humidity has to be low with very good air flow and you should be fine..

    Oh yeah didnt affect the finished product either it was stanky danky.. Good Luck!

    kornssj Active Member

    Interesting Hammer... Do you know for sure that these strips work.

    Thanks for the advice kola ill keep spraying as a last resort, least I know the plant will be fine :)

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    mighty wash, this early though you could use some type of systemic.

    kornssj Active Member


    dbkick Well-Known Member

    mighty wash you can use up until the day of harvest if you felt you needed to. if you haven't flipped yet you should eradicate with something like azamax or pyganic (rotation of both actually) which are also said to be safe near harvest.

    kornssj Active Member

    alright thanks a lot

    hsfkush Well-Known Member

    Fire.... Lots and lots of fire.

    I joke, there are some pretty good spray solutions you can use, not sure which though because I've never had the problem of spider mites. :)

    slim83 Well-Known Member

    Best way to get rid of them is cut your plants down burn them bleach your room out and use attain tr foggers. Then sterilize everything you use in your grow trimmers pots lights everything. I know it sucks killing them this far in but really the best say to get rid of them is to start over with a sterile bug free environment you can use sprays and bombs and systemic drenches but they will not get rid of them only control them and nobody wants to smoke spidermights or spidermight spray

    kornssj Active Member

    I just ordered some mighty wash. Hope this will work XD

    jhod58vw Well-Known Member

    This shit is pretty good. Kind of expensive but well worth it. 110134.JPG

    nirvanafan Member

    if he gets rid of the spider mites he wont be smoking them and if he stays organic and gives his plants a really good spraying with water he wont be inhaling chemicals.

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    need to filter you intake air after room are disinfected.

    shagalicious Active Member

    you're gonna love it
    drench them
    don't forget the undersides of the leaves and THE STEM

    they LOVE the STEM - like little gay crackheads

    mighty wash MAULS mites - and you can drink the shit
    Koenig Bud

    Koenig Bud Member

    If you catch them when there arnt so many, cook up a pot of stinging nettles and spray the plants with the juice (cold) and that would be them taken care of, otherwise, burn the grow unit down, or room/house, and start again - under a different name.

    scuba.420 Member

    if you turn the co2 ppm ratting to 4000 for 1 hour it will kill every bug in room .. !!!!!INCLUDING PEOPLE!!!!!! then 4 days later you do again for the eggs that hatched

    cues Well-Known Member

    I've heard something similar along the lines of raising the temps above 100f for an hour.
    However, diy garlic and chili spray combined with a couple of ladybugs out of the garden worked for me.

    DannyBlaze Member

    I haven't read the whole trend but I would "High Recommend" The Hot Shot No~Pest Strips they work you don't have to leave them out all the time Cause humans aren't supposed to breath them over 4 hours . I left my 2 out for 2 days all bugs were gone and I'm still here! Now and them I'll leave out for a half a day or so just to be sure they stay gone :( and you don't have to stray anything.....

    thoumayest Active Member

    There is a Product that is locally produced in MI called "No Mite" it has a lady bug on the label.

    I have only been able to find it in local MI hydro stores as it is a local company. Shit is expensive! However it kills mites DEAD...no bs. I have tried Mighty Wash....and it was ok but not so good as Agromax. Every gardener in the area agree "NO MITE" is expensive and kills all the mites and eggs with a good wash of plants. It does take about a week or two to see results but dam! one day you will walk in and notice all the ladies are healthy and mite free. The only issue I have found is that one to two week "killing period"...it does not work straight away...but it does work to completion over the two week waiting period.

    I use Agromax now as a preventative and it's more affordable. However if I ever had a mite investion I would spend the $$$ for "NO MITE" as it really does work + 100% money back guarantee.

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