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Best Way to Germinate

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Drew4537, Aug 26, 2007.


    Drew4537 Active Member

    Just got 10 seeds out of some really good bud a buddy of mine had. I have tried the paper towel, dinner plate and bowl way. i wanna know the best way to germinate these nice bagseeds.

    kanekanekane Well-Known Member

    I only have luck germinating in a seeds final home. about 4 out 5 success rate, but i have never successfully sprouted using any extra method. so if you have the room just plant them all in what ever container you plan on growing them in all through out there cycle. less stress and mess :) imo

    Drew4537 Active Member

    ill have to try that thanks for the help mayne

    kylej608 Well-Known Member

    i like the paper towel method, just did 11 seeds and 9 rooted and grew

    giantmo Well-Known Member

    i agree with kkk plant them straight into the soil or medium. bout 1cm under water in and let nature take its course. i believe germinating then planting is a waste of time just plant 2 or three per pot keep the healthiest and chop the runts

    Drew4537 Active Member

    yah but when u chop the unhealthy ones dont u still have roots tangled?

    biggflintmi Well-Known Member

    I dont think germinating is a waste of time at all. If you germinate you know for sure if they are gonna grow. Then when they pop you just give them all their own pots. That way you dont have to chop runts. Those runts could be good plants in their own pot. I use the paper towel in a bag method. Some may pop sonner than others too so leave the ones that didnt pop in the bag and keep the towel moist.

    Zekedogg 100% Authentic A$$Hole

    I agree bigflint, to just put a seed in the ground is kinda absurd to me....I use the paper towel method myself:hump:

    Dub-Azn Well-Known Member

    hellla obsurd .... the best and easiest way to germ seeds ... imo ... get a small saucer or big plate ... get some paper towel or a smaller rag .... with a smaller saucer put half the rag on the plate put some seeds in then cover over with the rest of the rag .... turn your water on low and get the rag/plate wet ... not to wet ... dripping wet is fine but you dont want a puddle ... put the plate somewhere dark or light and come back in 2 days

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    I use Jiffy tablets to germinate my seeds.

    You can buy little windowsill greenhouses and add water to the tablets. They are condensed peet moss and retain moisture really well. The tops keep the moisture in and temperature up for optimum germination.

    Plus all you do after they sprout is plant them in soil. I find that using the paper towel method makes it easy to damage the seedlings because they have a tendancy of attaching themselves to each other as well as the towel itself.

    Jiffy Pots are dirt cheap, about $2.50 for a 12 with the windowsill greenhouse.
    Muscle Bud

    Muscle Bud Active Member

    I also use the paper towel method with a twist. You know the electrical tape containers that are round plastic with a lid? I cut 10 paper circles to fit, dog ear 4-5 sheets, place seeds, moisten well and place in dark area on a heating pad on lowest setting. with this method my viable, stongest seeds generally split within 12 hours and anything over 36 is a wash.

    seejay Well-Known Member

    hmmm why bring back a 2 year old post....

    pipper Member

    put the seeds you would like to germinate, in a glass of water that has a top on it, fill 1/2 1/4 full. if it's city water let it stand for 8 10 hr's, the city puts a lot of shit in the water so we can drank it. all the seeds on the bottom after 10 12 hr's some times less, are the good ones, the one's on top "are on good." you will see the little white groth starting to come out of the seed, poor off the water and plant. pipper

    tdollar420 Member

    So all in all the paper towel method works better than just putting the lil guys in tha soil? Which way works faster? that's what I would like to know

    Unsane Member

    x2. I favor this method also. 100% success rate so far on 15 or so seeds.

    Geozander Well-Known Member

    here we go again.the paper towel method is for amateur growers who through lack of experience and knowledge think paper towels are the way to go. Getting de ja vu here. There are no paper towels in nature for seeds to fall onto germ. So why do it with weed. Take1 jiffy pellet add water place in a propogator and hey presto a seedling! It aint hard. It cuts out any risk of damaging the delicate taproot. Had100 percent germ success using this method so far.

    Geozander Well-Known Member

    never even noticed! Someone at it! There have been 2 quite long threads on the same subject in the past week!

    Unsane Member

    Ppl like it oldschool man! they like to bring ba the dead! *makes ghost sounds* woooOooOooOooooo!

    Geozander Well-Known Member

    Thats a good one mate. Lol

    FarmerB Member

    Just one last question then, to complete this thread.

    when using the jiffy/propagator method.

    do you put the propagator in a dark warm place or a light warm place like a window-sil??

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