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Best way to dry & cure buds

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by townbizz510, Jan 3, 2012.


    townbizz510 Member

    i've heard to hang them up or just leave in pot. also t o just leave it in a jar?:joint:

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Drying and curing are 2 seperate things ,
    Hanging is great for drying ,(in correct atmosphere)
    Jars , air tight wooden box's are great for curing (air tight),
    hope this helps Umbre ...
    GrassCity Sucks

    GrassCity Sucks Active Member

    Yeah too cure them traditionally (far the best product most people will agree), you want to partially dry them, then slow-cure-out the remaining moisture.

    It's taken me about a year to acquire buds worth smoking, because - it appears - these days there're allot of high-yield growers who'd rather turbo-dry 10 pounds of shit, than slow-cure 10 pounds of gold.

    So whatever you do: Don't take the fast-cure options. You'll end up with tasteless garbage.

    There's heaps of curing tutorials on the net. but certainly believe, that slow-cured is the only way to go, if you want to get the MOST from your buds.

    The two half ounces I bought on the spot a few months ago made me hack and cough my hole up, had absolutely no flavour, and just felt chemical and couch-locked me for a while each time I'd smoked it.

    The ounce I got a few months before that was no better. On both occasions, the buds smelt great when I bought em, wasn't till I got home and smoked em I realized some fuckhead had dried em so fast (probably harvested them too early too) that they were just a regretful purchase. But what's that got to do with you :)

    Glad you asked: Dry em slooow, and traditionally. If you fast-dry/cure, you'll end up wondering how much better the smoke really could've been.

    You just need a gentle air-movement (not blowing ON the buds) to slowish dry em, once they've dried, basically stick em in a jar for a few weeks to 'cure' Keep them in a cool, dark cupboard, and check them every day (for mould, but also just to mix em up in the jar gently). AFter several weeks, the THC molecule will break-down, and become fully psychoactive.

    Yeah. Not trying to hijack the thread, but I was wondering if some growers do shit to buds (like the ones I meantioned above) to MAKE them taste fuckn horrid, and .. flavourless.

    I just put it down to this SOG 15 pounds every two weeks, and shitfuck herb-drying methods with no cure time at all. But I could almost swear there was something else added to em. Wondered if someone else had any idea what that thing might be..

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