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    I consider myself a connoisseur, but when it comes to the buzz more than the taste. I'm looking for two good strains. I need one that gives an uplifting positive high, something like the old Eclipse strain (which I can't find) and another I'm hoping to find a more creative and thought expanding high. I heard Reclining Buddha was good for this, what do you think?

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    Kali Mist, Killing Fields, Chocolope, C99, Nepalse Jam, Blue Dream, Cheeseberry Haze
    Jer La Mota

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    AK47, lift you up like a sky-boy!

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    how about Laughing Buddha? i think its from barney's farm, i got it free as a UFO with my order a few months ago. the buds grew bushy and strong and the high is extremely sativa, since that what you seem to be looking for. delta 9 has an extremely strong sativa that is a sensi star cross and its called mekong haze. and its cheap it wont break your wallet![​IMG]
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    uplifting : ak47, kali mist, vortex, nebula

    thought expanding : hawaiian snow, tga the flav

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