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best time to clone

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mynameispot, Jul 25, 2007.


    mynameispot Active Member

    i have the process down, just wondering when is the best time to clone the mother plant? In the Veggie or Flowering stage? Should I wait till the sex is determined then clone the female, and does that guarantee me a female clone?

    NO GROW Well-Known Member

    If your cutting from a mother then it should be in veg.
    People keep mothers in veg just for cloning, they flower them out after they have started another mother.

    If you are keeping a "mother" plant I hope you know the sex or it could be a "FATHER" that you are taking clones from...LOL

    Yes your clones will be the same sex as the plant you take them from.

    meaty Active Member

    Yep. Clones are genetically identical to the parent plant.

    A nifty way to determine the sex of a potential mother plant is to cut a bunch of clones and as soon as they have some roots, put one of them into flower. It won't be worth finishing, but you'll be able to see the sex. If the clone shows pistils, it's female and the other clones you cut will be almost strong enough to flower. If male, get rid of all the clones and the parent plant and start over.

    SuMsHaDy Active Member

    Can you clone in flower ? Will this shock the plants ?

    Pool Well-Known Member

    Hello SuMsHaDy, you can clone from a plant in flower yes. Will it shock them? Only if you throw them under anything but 12/12.

    If revegging, it may take around a month before the clone would be useful. The shock of coming out of flower lasts anywhere from a few days(depending how long in flower) to a few weeks. The revegging takes another few weeks.

    If you plan to clone from a plant in flower, be sure to put it under 24 hours lighting. Anything else and it will sit there saying "What the fuck, I'm in flower damnit, there's still a dark period!!!", and hairs and baby calyx's will form.

    @ mynameispot
    Best time to clone from a mother plant, is during veg(never flower). Every 30 days give her a haricut, and poof, 30+ clones if you have a decent sized mother. You can snip a few here and there every week if you want. But always in veg, and atleast a week or two after the last haircut(trimming down).

    Best time to clone for a mother plant.... Take a clone in veg, when you out find the sex, if it's female keep the clone. Top the clone on its fourth or fifth set of leaves. Clone the whole thing below the topping point. Make the new pre-topped clone the mother.

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