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Best time of year to plant?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by $toned che$$, Feb 28, 2009.

    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    I imagine this has already been covered, but I couldn't find it in the FAQ or here. Sorry if this is a repeat question xD

    I live in a sunny inland part of southern california and already we're having highs between 70 and 85 F and there's little to no chance of frost. Is it too early to plant even in these conditions? Should I plant now or wait 2 or 3 weeks for the official start of spring? I admit I'm already getting a bit impatient, but I want my plants to grow under ideal conditions

    Tib420 Well-Known Member

    april 20th, 2009

    grassified Well-Known Member

    yeah the outdoor section REALLY needs a faq/more stickies, but it seems like the site owner hasnt been around for a looong time to do anything.
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    lol :-P damn dude I'd shoot myself if I actually had to wait that long. It was hard enough waiting halfway through the winter
    Green Monster

    Green Monster Well-Known Member

    yeah like ive heard that the best tiems is like eairly spring or like late summer/fall.

    and since where im from we get all 4 seasons so it gets warm to really cold..so thats why im resorting to starting it indoors until the weather warms up.. im too anxious to wait for the spring
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    Late summer/fall? To plant? idk it seems in most climates your plants would freeze during the winter and they would get a decreasing amount of light evey day as fall progresses into winter. I would assume it would be best to start sometime in March. I was hoping someone knew for sure and possibly could give me an approximate date to plant on for best results
    Green Monster

    Green Monster Well-Known Member

    well im like you, dont know the exact time, so just do what i do, trial runs.. give it a shot and see how it comes out.. like i have some indoors right now which i want to transplant outside when they get bigger, and if they dont survive in the weather ill know to do it at a different time
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong I like the trial-and-error method as much as the next guy. I'm just hoping someone else has already gone through it and come out on the other side one experiment wiser so they can spare me the time and seeds :-P
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Research what the latest frost/freeze date is for your area and then add one or two weeks just to be safe.

    If that date has already passed ... plant.

    GrowingGreenGiant Well-Known Member

    look up the average annual last frost date for your region, then plant ten to twenty days afterwards... good luck!

    PadawanBater Guest

    I'm in southern California too, I plan on planting at the end of March, plants will veg through till around September, then start to flower. Summer temps should be awesome for it! It gets really hot and sunny around here.

    shroomyshroom Well-Known Member

    in aust end of sept to the start of october .. 3 months veg is plenty we grow some monsters up here :)
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    Alright, thank you. I'm really eager to get these seeds in the ground cuz the sooner that happens the sooner I can get ripped on my own bud :-D

    GrowingGreenGiant Well-Known Member

    hahaha i know how you feel man, i can barely wait until the end of march so i can start my babies

    kilerb Member

    Did you ever start growing or are you waiting? I'm in socal (the valley) and I started at the end of May. They're already starting to flower. I was told it's because we're on 14 hour light cycles right now. I have some new seedlings, and I might take clones from my bigger one of the May crop. How's your luck if you've started?
    cheef tomahawk

    cheef tomahawk Well-Known Member

    Depending what state you live in i would say mid/late march (southern warmer states ) to early/mid april in the ( the colder northern parts of the U S ) . Read the farmers almanac for your area, it has a hole lot of usefull information about the weather and shit like that. It has helped me out qwite a bit .

    beginner.legal.growop Well-Known Member

    You grow a little before the summer solstice. Your plants get the most light during this period
    The summer solstice occurs exactly when the Earth's semi-axis in a given hemisphere is most inclined towards the sun, at its maximum tilt of 23° 26'. Though the summer solstice is an instant in time, the term is also colloquially used like midsummer to refer to the day on which it occurs. Except in the polar regions (where daylight is continuous for many months), the day on which the summer solstice occurs is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight.

    Your never plant during the winter solstice because that is the period of the least amount of light.

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