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Best Strain to help increase appetite. To help wasting syndrome in cancer patient

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by NastyItch, Nov 19, 2010.


    NastyItch Member

    Edit: just found an identical thread which i missed in my search.. SOrry.. The link of the established thread was here


    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering what your opinion is (from experience please) of which strain is the best for increasing a person's appetite. I got a relative who is stage 4 cancer, and their biggest issue at the moment is the inability to eat solid food. They just cant get it down due to no appetite. They described it to me as being a mental thing, where they just cant even get past the thought of getting the food down. Due to this, they are getting weaker every week, and losing weight. It's like they feel like dry reaching when they are chewing the food. The doctor says it is called wasting syndrome and is common amongst people with cancer, aids and anorexia. I have read that some strains can really do well at helping this. I am guessing it's the strains that give you the munchies the most. Therefore I am on the hunt for the strain that gives you the munchies the most, or that stimulate appetite the best. I have certainly had brew that gave the munchies back in the day, but have no idea what type it was. Is sativa or indica better at stimulating appetite? Any help would be much appreciated. The meds the nurses have given slightly reduced the nausea, but did nothing for the appetite so far.

    Thanks in advance,



    Edit: just found an identical thread which i missed in my search.. SOrry.. The link of the established thread was here

    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Follow this link and see if anything sounds promising. http://www.medicalmarijuanastrains.com/tag/increased-appetite/

    If not then do a Google search for medicinal marijuana strains and medicinal marijuana strain guide. You will find many links, some that will not be of much help, but many with a great deal of good information.

    Here are a few sites you might want to start with. I did not check them over all that well but some seemed to be fairly decent, if not better.

    I hope that at least something here is of help to at least one person in need.















    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    I can't answer your question specificly, however I can tell you that indica usually produces the most munchies. Sativa is the head high, euphoric happy high. Indica is the couch locked, STONED 'what was i doing??' type high :)

    good luck

    vradd Active Member

    from my experience back in the day, a heavy sativa made me crave crunchy things, it didnt make me hungry but nomming on something crunchy always satisfied me.

    a hybrid with indica dominant traights usually gave me the feeling of wanting to eat.

    ive heard "g13" is a govt strain used for appetite, but ive never tried it.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Going back to when the Cbay auction was up and running there was an amateur breeder who went by the name of Sweetleaf who suffered from some form of wasting disease and he had to eat a large amount of food to maintain his weight. He crossed G13 with White Russian and he said that worked very well for him.

    He sold his crosses on the Cbay auction and I purchased several packs of his G13 X White Russian and it was not only very potent but it made me eat like a lumberjack.

    I do not remember whose G13 he used but it was Serious Seeds White Russian in the cross.

    But one thing to keep in mind is that not all strains that carry the same name are the same or equally good for all purposes so if a G13 were given a try I would suggest one from a true quality breeder since you are talking actual medication and not just Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

    If a strain from one of the sites for medicinal strains is not chosen one that might be worth considering is Soma Seeds - G13 Haze Reclining Buddha. It is a 3-way strain and is mostly indica and is a medicinal strain though I am unsure what it works best for.

    Mr Nice Seedbank has a G13 x Widow (G13 x Black Widow) that might be worth researching.

    Possibly Serious Seeds White Russian would be worth considering too.

    I would still check through the links of medicinal sites to see what recommendations they have but if nothing seem to fit the bill possibly one or more of the above might work. None are inexpensive beans but if a mother or mothers can be kept it would be more than worth it to purchase high quality rather than some inexpensive knockoff that when it came to medicinal needs I would not trust any farther than I could comfortably spit out a rat.

    NastyItch Member

    Hi everyone,

    sorry for the late reply to your very generous help.

    Thank you very much for all your help. The links you provided were a very good read, and very helpful. In fact, it was an absolute eye opener to the many valid uses cannabis has for many ilnesses - including stimulating appetite for people suffering wasting syndrome.

    Unfortunaltely my relative made enquiries to their GP (family doctor) and also to the pallitive care nurses, who both confidently stated that cannabis has no ability to stimulate appetite. They both said that it was ONLY used for the purpose of managing pain. RUBBISH..

    If they had only admitted that they were not knowledgable in the uses of medicinal marijuana, instead of giving misinformation, it would have been a lot better. It is unfortunate that prohibition has led to a lack of knowledge and a huge amount of misinformation amongst the medical industry.

    My relative is also blind, and can't read the correct information for themself. Understanably, they have taken the word of the doctor and (for now) wont even give marijuana a go. Yet the doctor had no other alternative to give them to help with their weight loss. The nurses alternative was to eat while watching TV, to side track the mind of the inability to want to eat.

    I can only keep the door open for them in case they change their mind, but the loss in wieght and strength has been constant and rapid. They were willing to try anything before asking the GP, but just wanted that second opinion before they went forward with it. I will keep reading and offering help and support.

    The medical industry here should start to read outside of their prescribed university text books too. They might learn a thing or two.

    Thanks again..


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