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Best strain for SOG/SCROG

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by terstart, Oct 31, 2007.


    terstart Active Member

    I was wondering if there were any seed strains recommendations especially suited for SOG/SCROG?

    This would be for a 4x4 space.

    Thank You

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    any sativa or sativa dom would be good for scrog... they'll be stretchier so they'd fill the screen faster/more

    terstart Active Member

    Jeeze, I was thinking maybe a Indica with the limited 4 feet height. But filling in the screen does take some time, so maybe a Sativa would work.

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    yeah lumbers right on, pick a plant that stretches and produces many branches.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    well... indica might be better for sog...

    sog you're really looking for a mom plant that will clone well (you don't want to be wasting time/space on males so seeds are out of the question kinda...) and one that produces a nice big fat cola... cuz that's what you're aiming for in sog... a lot of giant single cola's

    sativas because they are generally so stretchy and tall if grown from seed, also work a lot better in sog than if nothing special is done with them... you might not get single cola's but with some lollypopping (see canna's sig for a link on how to) you will get a few real nice cola's of headspinnin sativa

    this all make sense?

    paddyboi57 Active Member

    i've been using Afghani for SOG for over 20 years. Northern lights work well in a SOG Grow Ops too. Afghani is the plants of Choice when it comes to SOG Grow Ops in my humble opinion. Kick ass smoke with big, heavy yeilds. Old school all the way when it comes to the SOG method.

    GunRunner Active Member

    SOG / ScroG?

    Its not the same thing.

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    No, Sog is sea of green which is a lot of plants in a small area. Scrog is screen of green which is 1 plant under a screen. All in all if done right they should yield about the same. A lot from 1 plant or a little from a lot of plants.

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