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Best State To Grow?

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by dokebi, Jan 14, 2011.


    dokebi Member

    I need some advice on different states with lesser strict laws on growing cannabis. I want to grow about 50+ plants.

    Northeast States preferred
    Houses with basement
    no mandatory minimum sentencing

    Thanks in advance.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    check out NORML's website.

    also, just because the law is linient in one state, doesn't mean that state doesn't have ridiculous resources allocated towards busting grows.

    for example, kentucky isn't the strictest marijuana state in the nation, but McConnel just earmarked 4 million dollars for anti-marijuana eradication efforts.

    in a famous marijuana documentary the kentucky national guard is seen flying helicopters, and having about 50-100 agents dedicated to finding and burning marijuana crops.

    and they didn't have 1/2 the budget they have now.....

    and to answer your question, no state is safe to grow in. the DEA still thinks marijuana is illegal.
    CSI Stickyicky

    CSI Stickyicky Well-Known Member

    Haha they are like those Japanese soldiers that were left on Pacific islands who never heard that WWII ended.

    It's over, get the "net".

    wannaquickee Well-Known Member

    that was fuckin funny lol..

    LJ6 Well-Known Member

    Move to California and grow for dispensaries

    ExDex1x1 Active Member

    Yeah do this if you want to make like no money and have to get in bidding wars with other growers. There's too many people growing in Cali, if you haven't already made a name for yourself in Cali you're going to get underpaid by a fuckton. Colorado is in the same boat. States that most recently allowed growing are the best places to start since there aren't as many established growers driving down prices.

    LJ6 Well-Known Member

    ya didnt really think of that, i just thought of california cause its warm lol

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    The very best weed is organic, and the very best place to grow is in N. California, the Emerald Triangle. Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino counties, all you have to do is buy lots of land and you can make it big. $2,000-$5,000 per acre in very rural Humboldt. I know a guy selling 200 acres, with Klamath River access too. Only $400K.

    The key to making money is Export to illegal states, you will have to get a network of people put together to make this happen. Logistics.

    Timmy22 Member

    Yeah I agree with NoDrama about the key to making money being exportation to illegal states. But if you live in a state where it is currently illegal, I would personally just stay there. Start with a couple closet grows to make some money then upgrade your equiptment. Then get a perpetual grow going and start selling to friends. Just keep it quite and stay under the radar and start saving your money. More and more states are realizing its a losing battle and starting to come around. It wont be long before marijuana is decriminalized in every state.
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    STZ Active Member

    You speak the truth my friend. The sad sad truth...

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