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Best Soil Nutrients?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Reefer J Canibus, Feb 20, 2009.

    Reefer J Canibus

    Reefer J Canibus Active Member

    what do you guys think is the best nutrient for indoors? for veg and flowering? let me know cause im lost on what to get
    Rocky Top High

    Rocky Top High Well-Known Member

    I have been there and honestly, there is no a-b-c type answer. What I did when I first started out was I bought one of those "starter kits". I believe it was Technaflora Reciepe for Success. It has all types of shit that you really don't need but it's affordable and gives you a "gameplan" to follow. It allowed me to learn to grow without all the nute issues that first timers make. It just simplified the process for me.

    I am not advocating Technaflora or anyone else for that matter. I am just sharing with you what worked for me. I currently use Botanicare Pure Blend Pro for soil...Cal-Mag...Thrive Alive B-1...PK 13/14 and moleasses.

    There are as many different kinds of nutes as there are strains of cannabis. The more simple...the better. Whatever base nutes you decide on, give them time to work. Good luck. :weed:

    blzbob Well-Known Member

    I use the FoxFarm nutes with very good results.

    SCROG MEN Active Member

    I use a product called phostrogen... it is a combination of all the nutes a plant needs, even the trace amounts... the best thing is its cheap as fuck!!! along with this i just use veg food that ya can buy from ne garden supplies... all these advanced nutes arnt natural like the ones i use.... remeber its a weed ur growing so nething you add will help the buggers... au naturelle is best...100% organic

    citralman Active Member

    fox farm is basic and shows amazing results
    arizona jim

    arizona jim Well-Known Member

    bonticare pro grow veg
    pro grow bloom
    and also foxfarm

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    Reefer J Canibus

    Reefer J Canibus Active Member

    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    I second the fox farm line up. Been using it for years now and love it.
    Kid Gro

    Kid Gro Member

    Advanced Kills All..
    dont care wat these kitties got to say..

    best product plus production..

    yeah its expensive but think about it..

    would you eat a prime steak dinenr or a mc'd double cheeseburger meal.. its made for it!
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    BongJuice Well-Known Member

    The best nutrient may be the best for some, but not for all.
    I use the Advanced Nutrients 3 part system.

    I think the this 3 part system fits my needs just fine.
    I can buy this 3 part system in gallon containers for about $100.
    I can grow 2 harvests from clone to bloom with just this 3 part system.
    It's super easy to mix.
    I follow the mixing directions to a "T" and when I check the TDS, The PPm for whatever stage my plants are in, is right on.
    You don't want it to be too strong, or your plants will suffer.
    Plus, you don't want it to be to weak or they won't receive enough nutrient.
    I've spent thousands on nutrients. I've tried all different kinds.
    I have found that this 3 part system is not only accurate with their mixing directions,
    but it's very easy to mix, and very inexpensive.
    Once you find whatever works well with your crop, stick with it.
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    Hells yeah:clap:

    We are all able to grow fantastic stuff with any nute line up. This guy like AN I like FF, I say use anything that tickles your fancy exept MG.

    j3550 Active Member

    I have been using FF Tiger Bloom and am not impressed although their soil is top notch. Miracle grow all purpose dry food (24-8-16) has been awesome for veg. Just use 1/8th strength or less. Still looking for a good bloom fert.

    plump Member

    Man House & Garden all the way. Super simple with easy to remember mix rates. Plus it's all super concentrated. Some of 1l bottles will go as far as the competitions 5l. It's crazy

    medicalmetalhead Member

    miracle grows nasty. theres a reason its super cheap.. its synthetic easy for them to produce chemicals that give decent growth and shitty product.. im using general hydro flora nova... heard some up and down opinions of it..... its partially organic.. thats kinda cool.. seems to have worked decent so far but i just went hps from cfl so im waiting to really see how it goes

    TshirtNinja Active Member

    Dude your retarded if you cant get good blooms with FF lineup..... tiger bloom and big bloom should be used at the same time. This means your half feeding your ladies so no wonder they are so skinny.

    c4r3b34r Active Member

    fox farm is working so nice for my first veg grow, soil+ff nutes for vegging right now. switching to advance for budding on plants , some plants foxfarm to see what i like best. im a noob though :-) +rep good luck!

    metrogrowth Member

    How many plants can U grow in a $100.00 nute harvest? From clone to flower finish?


    mrcartoon Well-Known Member

    First time grow for me... just putting the grow room together today and waiting on my seeds, but the guy at my local hydro shop recommended me to Dutch Master over the Fox Farms... was this a good move?

    Thump Member

    is this for soil or hydro? Sorry am new and not too knowledgeable yet

    godsgift143 Member

    I've heard good things about the Auroa lineup.
    Currently using Buddha Grow, Bloom, and Soul Syntheics PeaK

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