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best soil available for auto in canada quebec

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by renkar, Jun 27, 2013.


    renkar Active Member


    redbud12 Well-Known Member


    renkar Active Member

    i wont transplant since im to new and seem that if not done perfectly auto wont like it so i need one soil that ill use all the way

    doniboy Active Member

    If they have Foxfarm products there, I'd go with FoxFarm Ocean Forest or Happy Frog . You can use both from start to finish...

    Of the choices that you've listed, I'd go with Pro-Mix, but I think you'd have to amend a little.

    justugh Well-Known Member

    yah man ...........it sucks i know but some places do not offer the right kind the best out most of the growers say is
    fox farms ocean forrest........the one thing they say is to mix it with something like happy frog or light warrior since at full strenght it is little to strong for autos

    the over all best i have gathered is this
    sunshine mix #4..............this is the one so many ppl have swore by for growing this site and 5 others

    these ppl have other brand names too but for our little buddies the #4 is the holy grail of bag to pot and go ............this might cuase a agurement and/or debate becuase u can mix up your own but i said from the bag into the pot no work so i think we are covered

    kinddiesel Well-Known Member

    there is a big argument about what the best soil is, I just use miracle grow not the moisture control and a 25 % pearlite to it , plants grow the same as the foxfarm ocean , I did a side by side test, they both were about the same size mg was a tad bigger, just the genetics of the plant nice green large 3 feet tall in veg and in flower no problems nock on wood , harvested both same results, 5.5 feet tall and so big you cant put your arms around them,

    renkar Active Member

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