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Best Seeds From Attitude?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by waldo26d, May 22, 2010.


    waldo26d Member

    What are the best seeds you have ever bought from attitude seedbank and how much yielded? What was the plant like?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    you need to give us some more info than whats the best strain.. you will get a ton of different answers from such a broad ?.. maybe if you narrow it down some to say an indica or a sativa strain.. some more info would go a long way...
    i grew mk ultra from thseeds and it was bomb for sure.. its a kush cross.. very potent smoke and loved the smell of her..
    i am also growing some og kush from dr greenthumbs and i'm sure its gonna be some dank smoke for sure.. it seems to be leaning a lil more towards the sativa side of things with long narrow leaves and it's gettin pretty tall..
    just let us know like i said if you prefer an indica or a sativa and will see if we can help you narrow down your options.. or better yet, pick out about five or so strains that catch your eye and make a list here and see what others experience with them have been..
    good luck with your quest.. i know how overwhelming that a site like the attitude can be at times..

    IrishDoc Well-Known Member

    so far mine has been a freebee, hash plant haze. it is a sativa dominant plant and after vegging for six weeks and being topped she gave me 10.5oz of dried 5star smoke. disadvantage of this strain is that being a sativa it really took over my grow area and ended up being about 6.5ft tall and at least 1msq. i am currently growing about 9 different strains i purchased from attitude and will try and keep this updated as to what they were like and what they yeilded.

    clasonde Active Member

    i had a very good run with dna hashplant haze freebie also. mine tasted and smelled like pure cantaloupes, very stinky. all my friends/family reported back to me that this one was in their top 5

    IrishDoc Well-Known Member

    i didnt get the cantelope smell. Mine reminded me of Lemon Pledge but the tast was definitely close to a cantelope.

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