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Best Seed Banks?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zep867, Oct 15, 2007.


    zep867 Active Member

    Anyone have suggestions on good seed banks to order from?

    I hate to take google's word for it. lol.

    thedopeman Well-Known Member


    Gygax1974 Just some idiot


    herballuvmonkey Well-Known Member

    nirvana dude...fast n cheap

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member


    jondog123 Well-Known Member

    Don't order from nirvana if in the US or you will regret it..
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    hestrading.com u can buy loads of different seeds form there. they are based in the uk i live in the uk and my seeds arrived the next day. I wont order from holland from the uk only. although i been tempted to order through nirvana as they got some serious seeds for good prices.


    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    Yeah i've been doing some research on this because i ordered seeds a couple days ago for the first time. I've read that a lot of ppl have had problems with nirvana recently. I went with dr. chronic. I would go with him too if i were u, I haven't heard a single complaint about him. And, from what i've read, he gives out a lot of freebies too.

    dankseeds Active Member

    ohhh man..... there are only a fuew places i would think of getting beans from, thats seedbay.com, seedboutique.com and my plants... on seed bay, i would have to say, the best breeder out there right now is Reservoir best genetics on the market seed wise at least IMOV... i just got a pack of Double Strawberry Diesel in the mail today... 40$ from seedboutique.com if i were you.. i would be jumpin on thows beans.... ohhhh and btw Rez made sour diesel and thats the hottest strain on the market and has been for the past 2 years... if rez's stuff seams pricy for you i would go with mmmmmmmmmmmm i duno everyone else is pricy too.. ohhh wait Reeferman Seeds he has bas ass sshit.... real bas asss shit.. i would recomend the C99 i think there f4's or f3's... either way there strait from grimm stock... thats the kinda shit dreams are made out of.... i say screw the rest, stick with the best... ohh one other... that i'm trying out is drgreenthumb.com he is hard core.. i'm blown away by his sweeet 105... its an auto flower... i can hardly wait to start making crosses with it.. mmm mm good hope this info helps. .. -dank-
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Gonna check it out now i need some killer seeds i want to try the Papaya from Nirvana but want to buy the seeds from someone that sells nirvana seeds in the uk has anyone tried nirvanas papaya and is it real good. they say the high is amost narcotic now thats the type of shit i want.

    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    For those prices at referman seeds they should be some bad ass fucking seeds $150 for seeds shit. Do they come with lights and bulbs im sure there are more reasonable prices for bad ass seeds. Fuck referman those prices are to extortionate for me.

    email468 Well-Known Member

    i've been lucky with Nirvana and Amsterdam Marijuana seeds.

    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    drchronic is in the UK they carry Nirvana too. Never failed me and they are quick. And Nirvana isn't all that cheap anymore, they raised some of their prices recently.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Nirvana seem cheap to me they average on $38 for pack of ten and for some good weed. Didnt know dr chronic sold nirvana seeds if they do im gonna buy papaya seeds now. Going shopping see ya.


    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    Just remember one thing guys, Nirvana is a paying sponsor of Rollitup. I've bought seeds from them with no problem; they are growing great and I'll have some Big Bud in a few months. No matter where you order your seeds you're running a risk of customs picking your package/letter to inspect. I got my seeds in a reasonable time, paid a reasonable price, got regular updates and they went to a helluva lot of trouble to get me my seeds, even going as far as taking or sending my seeds to be sent to me from another country. You don't want a package coming to you from Holland, LOL. They also sent it in a cute little steathy container. I have to give them two thumbs up, 5 gold stars, a blue ribbon and a pat on the back. Maybe Dr. Chronic and Reeferman might want to step up to the plate and sponsor us here - especially if Reeferman is gouging for $150!!! Call me crazy but that's just fukkin wrong to charge that for seeds.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    i just bought my papaya seeds from dr chronic I spoke to him and he said that the seeds will come 2moro or thursday. Dr chronics Nirvana seeds, some of them were actually cheaper than Nirvana. The papaya cant wait to start germing those babies will start a grow journal as soon as it sprouts. Was gonna get either the b52 or white rhino as ive had these before, I thought let me see how good this papaya really is.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Just got a confirmation from Dr chronic my papaya seeds are in the post they will come 2 moro morning. Gonna germ em and buy two more cfls I wonder how long it takes to flower the Papaya either way next year got some good buds to smoke.


    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    around 6-9 weeks, papaya is renamed mango :)
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Ty so my papaya is really mango cool, have u grown this and if u did what was the results and was the high real good.


    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    bcseedking.com usually has some pretty good deals. Free shipping, and they always have free seeds. Right now I think with every order its 10 free kahuna, they had 5 free feminized Bc buddah a little bit ago. So I would check in with them every now and then, they are pretty reliable, and ship fast.

    Anyone know of any good free seed deals going on right now?

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