best sativa dominant strain for indoor growing

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    ddriver Well-Known Member

    hey there, right now I am in my first grow, decided to test my growing skills and my box of some seeds I've got, and if I manage to pull it off I am ready for something more challenging

    currently I have 20 young plants, they are 20 days old and I am going to switch them to 12/12 in 2 days

    The problem is all my current plants are indica, there is nothing wrong with indica in general, but I don't like stoner weed, it has the buzz, but I am really a "high" type of person.

    Sativa does miracles for me, it drops my blood pressure, suppresses my laziness, helps me concentrate, always fixes bad mood and so on, in general I can be a total crap and a nice smoke transforms me :mrgreen:

    SO my decision is sativa or nothing

    And that brings us to my question - what type of plants should I choose for my next grow, I prefer it is sativa dominant, or perhaps 100% sativa

    I was looking at different strains and liked jock horror and ak 48, but perhaps there are other sativa dominant plants that are easier to grow, grow faster and yield more???

    I am planning on planting these seeds into my growbox, 400W HPS light, and LST to make the plant bushy, cuz most sativa grows very tall and I am kind of limited to about 40 inches for the plant height

    So... what seeds should I go for?
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    dgafaboutanyone Well-Known Member

    sativas r dankys >_<

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    mngrowguy Active Member

    In my opinion super silver haze is one of the best sativas.
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    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    Mandala's Satori, easy to grow, big producer, reasonable height, good luck finding seeds though usually sold out everywhere.

    Maxzimus Well-Known Member

    Purple Bud, AK-47, Jock Horror, Arjans Ultra Haze 2, early durban, day dream And NYCD!!
    Durban Poison (Amazing Special)


    ViRedd New Member

    Someone alread suggested Super Silver Haze. I love it ... great pot. Another good one is Cindy-99. Finishes earler than SSH and has a super "up" buzz.


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