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best/safest insect repellent/pesticicde

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by GrowingGreenGiant, Feb 9, 2009.


    GrowingGreenGiant Well-Known Member

    which are the best and safest repellents or pesticides for outdoor growing?

    GrowingGreenGiant Well-Known Member

    anybody got any recomendations?

    mitchbg Active Member

    I was wondering the best to use also on pre treating for pests and mildew
    I have used a mix of half gc-3 , which is a garlic spray, and half sm-90 for powdery mildew and it knocks it down good then I burn 15 mins a day on a sulpher burner and have no issues w/ powdery mildew, but dont have a good pre treatment regeament for bugs, I was thinking half neem oil and half orange oil
    But I could use some suggestions that wouldnt harm the plants

    NJweedman Active Member

    you have to be smart with these kinda things. pesticides and other chemicals can kill your plant, they are not very safe at all. try other things like bug tape and venus fly traps. just keep looking around, but my suggestion is to not use chemicals.

    i.NeeD.A.LiGhTeR Well-Known Member

    My seedlings have been getting TORE UP! I wake up and they are half eatin... im down to 5 babies out of 30, thank god they were the bag seed and not the good stuff! I bought some Ortho Matathion 50 Insect Repelant, anyone know if its safe to use?

    bradisradder Member

    Any chemicals on your plant could harm it, or it could hold on to it in it's structure. I would try cinnamon around the ground or some garlic planted in the pot, it won't compete for much root space.
    I don't recommend anything that isn't organic. Introducing predatory bugs into your grow is another way, but could be costly.
    I tried sprinkling just cinnamon on my MJ and it didn' burn, but it might block out the sun. It also kept bugs off. :]] Good luck!

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