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Best Place To Get Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by highagain420, Mar 15, 2009.


    highagain420 Well-Known Member

    what is the most respectable seed co to get good producing ATF seeds

    damonk420 Well-Known Member

    good ? i want to know to

    TheDankness Well-Known Member

    I don't think the legendary alaskan matanuska thunderfuck strain is available through any seed bank. I imagine the only way to get this strain would be to know some old hippie grower that has been growing it for decades and get a cutting. That strain that sagamartha markets as matanuska is supposed to be complete bunk...

    damonk420 Well-Known Member

    My buddy said he use to get a batch every year from pheonix. so im hopeing there seeds out there

    TheDankness Well-Known Member

    Used to get a batch of the thunderfuck? Doubt it, if you were going to find it anywhere it would probably be the pacific northwest. Probably a knock off strain, but hell, maybe if this phoenix grower had the right connections its possible I guess.

    Greyskull Well-Known Member

    The ATF/MTF/MVTF is/are clone only plants. DrGreenthumb offers a strain he calls MTF, ut it grows differently than any MTF I have ever seen... flowered at 9" if becomes a 36" spear - no branching what-so-ever.

    Real MTF will throw her arms out and branch like space invaders. She has a nice citrus/tangerine smell while in flower. Nice trich delevelopement... I love the finger hash. Dry, she smells smooth but musky (in a good way) tastes like red grapes, creeps up on you, and makes you fat.... errr packs a strong case of the munchies.

    If you are in so cal the clones have been passed to a couple clone dealers (MTF, ATF, MVTF) and they are making the rounds. BE SURE TO CHECK ANY CLONES FOR BUGS & DISEASE BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO INFECT YOU GARDEN!

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    dragonbladev Active Member

    heh clone only? i bought a outdoor grow pack from a seed bank in amsterdam, and got one alaskan thunderfuck mother growing in my back yard right now, interesting how it grows, its lower leave naturally were small but when it got to the 5th node its leaves are now coming out like a umbrella.

    u can find the seed at seedism.com

    dragonbladev Active Member

    never mind, what i got is matanuska lime, its a hybrid of the alaskan thunderfuck with lemon skunk. sry dude
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    Greyskull Well-Known Member

    well if you got some seeds from amsterdam then you dont have the 30yr old cut that IS the real deal.

    edit: maybe your beans will sprout you something nice. the MTF is a strong/dom breeding plant... most of the crosses I have seen are nice looking (haven;t smoked any). good luck with your outdoor.
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    baconwrapped Active Member


    You're right I just picked up two mvtf clones in malibu a couple weeks ago doing good in a liitle bubbleponics kit I made. Also have two clones of pure kush as well.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I have some beans that are ATF/AK47 cross I received from a member here. Here is a pic attached of one growing.

    They do smell like you describe, but do they look like ATF? Maybe you can't tell yet since I have it cramped in this 16oz cup?

    If this isn't looking right, anyone know of pictures of true ATF?

    Attached Files:

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    ommpCaregiver Active Member

    Hey there Oregon brother.. I have been growing MTF for a while. I could let you know more if you took some close ups of: 1)new nodes 2)space inbetween nodes

    And please transplant that into a bigger container, with that size her little roots are cramped and struggling to support that much top heavy weight. I would also recommend trimming them back a bit, it will make the branches from the sides extend and take top spot which will give you a wider and fuller canopy with more 'tops'.

    And I really like the size/weight/flavor ratio of this strain. Ive tasted better (I just finished some kush that I got 2oz off of and although flavor and smell is super funkie, 2oz per plant is a waste of space; ps MTF avg 6oz per 7gallon container and usually 10-12oz avg in 15 gallon containers) and seen fatter (NL#5 do I need to say more..), but the MTF is a really well rounded out plant.
    Dr. Strain

    Dr. Strain New Member

    Well, I guess I should start out by bidding you all good grow season and happy harvest.
    My name is Dr. Strain. I am from the Matanuska Valley. The 574 cut of the MTF is the original Matanuska Thunder Fuck. The origiator of the strain was busted and lost all of his cuttings, years later they resurfaced in only the most esoteric gardens related to his. Before Sargamatha could get ahold of his pheno of the ATF(Anchorage Thunder Fuck), later to be called Matanuska Tundra, the valley was flooded with everyone claiming "thier" plant is the Heirloom MTF. Never the less, the MTF has a unique trait that dtands out amongst her imposters. She produces huge calyxes even in the the vegitative stage and it produces a unique citrus aroma that is very distinguished.

    If your around Seattle, Alaskan Thunder Fuck cutting can be obtained. I just burned through the last of mine at 2013 HempFest
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    GRAND PRIX Member

    Hi Mr. Ganja' I'm a 59 year old paraplegic and the seed was the best I've ever grown and smoked, what you had sure looked like it, but can't say for sure. Reason I'm contacting you now is because I sure would like to find a seed or two cad you help me. PLEASE!!! Thanks and Peace, GRANDPRIX

    Phillipston1976 New Member

    Please, dear sir, hook a brother up with some seed. I'd take it crossed with any decent skunk, ibl, or landrace. pretty please? thanks!

    survivor Member

    So hard to believe that seeds for this cannot be bought anywhere. Wish I knew someone who grew this. I tried MTF only once in my life. I'll never forget how pleasant, and potent it was.

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    I have 4 ATF seeds left in my goodie bin. no room for them tho, and not sure if Ill have time in the future either.

    jackfrostnwnewkid New Member

    Dr strain. I'm close enough to Seattle. However too far away (Tacoma) to know anyone. I lived in Fairbanks for 10 years and atf is hands down my favorite strain. I wish I could get a great growing cut off a mother to grow in my garden

    Bigozgood Member

    So did anyone every get any seeds?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    From Peters Creek and I agree. It is a fool's errand at this point if you are not somewhere in the NW or actually know somebody from the Mat-Su.

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