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best place for thermometer?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by mike.o420, Sep 14, 2009.


    mike.o420 Member

    i am growing 10 plants under CFls in a closet and was just wondering the best place to put my thermometer to get an accurate temperature reading. ive put it in a couple different places and its said anywhere from 75-85. any suggestions would be helpful

    TCurtiss Well-Known Member

    Where are you putting it and getting different readings?

    I have mine next to my plant on the same shelf

    growone Well-Known Member

    i found that same kind of change in temp my self - had temp probe up top of the canopy
    covered the temp probe with a bit of foil as a shroud - lowered my measured temp by 5 degrees

    grow1620 Well-Known Member

    I would place it at an average canopy level...keep in mind direct light will give you a false reading..

    mike.o420 Member

    yea i have mine above my light shroud now and its staying around 78-80 as opposed to around 85 in the light, thanks for your help

    podunk421 Active Member

    I like to just place it around my grow space in a different spot about once a week just to see how air flow and light intensity is adjusting my temperatures. It gives you a good idea of the overall temperature at different parts of the grow space that may or may not get wind flow, or light. I never keep it in one spot much longer than that but its more of a personal habit then a true answer.

    ADTR Well-Known Member

    I keep mine on top of an empty solo cup next to the seedlings in their respective cups. That way theres no guessing. Once they start taking off in a few weeks, i'll mount the thermometer on the wall at a relative height to their position.

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