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Best outdoor strains?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by crvalle, Sep 6, 2008.


    crvalle Active Member

    I want to grow some killer skunky weed but i have to do it outdoors (my wife doesn't want to risk losing the house and my 15 year old will smoke my stash) i would like to know which strains have the best flavor, high and yield...thanks keep smokin
    weed ho

    weed ho Active Member

    MISTY, all the way!!!!bongsmilie

    bagada Active Member

    super silver haze(greenhouse), power plant(dutch passion), or S.A.G.E(thseeds)
    all plants are very, very, potent. all are also very high yielding. if you want to grow a seed crop since you cant have indoor weed go with power plant, since its an inbred line. that means that you can grow a seed crop and all the seeds that you get from the second generation will be much like the parents. if you do this with a f1 hybrid you will have variable potency and yields. i suggest you get power plant and grow all the seeds(including males) in the wild and use them as a seed crop. then harvest the seeds and you will have thousands of seeds for years of happy growing. they will be adapted to your environment too
    p.s. power plant often develops mold near harvest so if you are a newb, grow durban poison instead. its much easier and is also an inbred line.

    hornedfrog2000 Well-Known Member

    I'm growing Mr. Nice Super Silver Haze outside right now, and we'll see if it even finishes in time. I haven't hand selected a pheno at all, but I wouldn't really recommend it for an outdoor crop. Stick with some Idicas in most cases, unless you are in the dirty south.
    nepali grizzly

    nepali grizzly Well-Known Member

    it all depends on your climate, you'll need to pick a strain that is guaranteed to finish before your growing season is over. I suggest you go through the seed bank's websites and choose one that appeals to you that will finish on time.

    Homegrown69 Active Member

    I tried P.P. this grow and maybe it was the late rains we got here in Fl. but, I had to harvest early because of mold. As for Sat's. vs Indi's. I started the Sat's in May and the Indi's a month later. In Fl. you can start something all the way up to Oct., it just won't get very large. I suggest always going with several flavors outdoors because you never know what nature's going to throw at you.

    greenland Well-Known Member

    you can also let her grow for 4 weeks and place them into dark afther the 4 weeks (12/12) so you can short your season time ;)

    thats what i do :)

    gr Greenalnd

    crvalle Active Member

    cool...I got some bagseeds for starters just to see if my thumb has any green to it and after lettin those puppies germinate for a few day it looked ready to go and 24 hours later i see green and 2 leaves!

    crvalle Active Member

    This too cool after only a few days i can see 4 leaves 2 sounded and 2 pointed vieweano sure grow fast

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    I force flowered mine too. Worked a treat!

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