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Best Nutrients for Flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by On Off Dem Grapes, Jul 22, 2008.

    On Off Dem Grapes

    On Off Dem Grapes Active Member

    whats up everyone...i was wondering whats the best nutrients for the flowering stage...i got some nutrients thats 0-50-30

    .:SeLeCtA:. Active Member

    What brand is it?

    I would recommend Fox Farm Big Bloom..It's 0.01-0.3-0.7
    On Off Dem Grapes

    On Off Dem Grapes Active Member

    i dont even know haha my friend just gave it to me...thats why im not sure of usin it....cuz im growin my first plants and if it kills em my heart bouta drop hahaha recommend anything else?

    .:SeLeCtA:. Active Member

    Umm guano tea, and molasses is good during flowering.

    But I only recommend FF, I'm sure there are others, but ff is all I know.

    I use foxfarm all the way..

    I would maybe stay away from those nutes, unless your friend swears buy it.

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    PK 13/14 for the 5th week.

    Big Bud, vitalink buddy,ff and ionic boost for hydro.

    0-50-30 is much too strong for cannabis - which nute burns very easily, unless you dilute it and use it at about 1/4 strength.

    really need something with a slightly higher level of K than P, or one with equal proportions.

    there are many other nutes, such as Piranah juice, voodoo juice B-52 etc.... but they are very expensive, how good they are I do not know.

    Best of luck:blsmoke:
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    MAc DRe

    MAc DRe Well-Known Member

    i use fox farms big bloom and budswell and it works well and 0-50-30 is way to high

    napalesegrizzly23 Well-Known Member

    Earth juice bloom and catalyst is a good one, not too expensive either.
    On Off Dem Grapes

    On Off Dem Grapes Active Member

    thanks everyone for your help

    IGTHY Well-Known Member


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