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Best Nutes for TAG + HPA + D2W

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by PetFlora, Apr 27, 2011.


    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I have been reading threads on DIY nutrient formulas. One of the things I learned was mj is a very resourceful plant, although you do need to base your nute choices on your grow method. I started this thread as I have yet to find a thread specifically dedicated to TAG + HPA + D2W (drain to waste), which eliminates pH and nutrient imbalances that often lead to root rot, and nute lockout caused by recirculating nutes; these issues are exaggerated when feeding high ppms.

    Among the many benefits, deep cycle high pressure misting requires much lower ppms as the roots are being fed very small amounts throughout the day/night. When an accumulator is used, feed times (wet cycles) are typically below one second, and are repeated ~ every 1-3 minutes (dry cycles). While I use comparable mist heads, timer, and high pressure pump, I am not using an accumulator.

    My current feed cycle varies depending on room temp, pod temp and RH inside the pod. As it is very warm here now (April) I increased wet to 2 seconds, followed by ~ 2:05 minute dry- 24/7. In my setup, 5 G of < 700ppm nutes lasts ~ 7 days. 2
    liters lasts several grows, so I see no advantage to mixing my own, as long as I can mix and match well balanced off the shelf nutirents

    I used DM Gold line (Grow/Flower A & B, plus ADD.27, Silica and Zone) for my last grow, and the result was excellent, but knowing what I know now, I way overspent.

    As soon as I run out of DM Gold Grow/Flower A/B I will switch over to DM One Grow for both grow and flower, however, during flowering I will supplement it with DM Potash+. Not only will these simplify mixing (not that it's a big deal) but it will cut my nutrient costs by more than half.

    I hope this becomes an interesting place for those of us using this advanced growing technique to discuss nutrients. I have two questions:

    Does this make sense to you?
    What are you using?

    sendit New Member

    Sounds Like A GOod DTW to me
    ME: DTW 6' Hydroton on top of coco mat
    equal pressure emitter. STANDARD

    bicit Well-Known Member

    Posted this in another thread. Could be useful for those who are interested in making their own A+B+C mix. The only crummy thing is having to buy micro nutes in 5lb quantites... Wasn't there a thread a while back for TAG nutrition? Maybe consolidate some info from there since, IIRC it got locked.

    Brokeoldbloke Active Member

    PetFlora, I'm just finishing up a DM gold one grow in hempy DTW. I abandoned the "grow" nutes early in veg it has a weird NPK value (1-.7-3) and not enough N for me. Most of the grow was "bloom" (2-1-3) which seemed to work ok. The AB two part is probably much cheaper since the one part is so highly diluted. I was using 20-30mil/gal and feeding daily throughout the grow.

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