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Best, most POTENT strains

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by MarijuanaMomma, May 26, 2013.


    burgertime2010 Well-Known Member

    THC BOMB gets up to 28% Thc/cbds. It does not even sound fun.

    May11th Well-Known Member

    Burgertime -I just smoked some. Can say its very strong but not overwhelming. I smoke alot though and never mids or anything that says its below 18%. I like them strong but I also know that the effects only last about 2 hours but dang its great for sex, I felt my buzz was more on my body than head.

    My mazaar is a great daytime smoke, makes me think clear and takes me to a happy place.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i just never understand the term potent when it comes to cannabis...

    to me it's like asking, is vodka more potent than gin?? they both get one fucked up, very fucked up, depending on how much you consume..
    same with cannabis.. and i surely don't go off of those bs thc % numbers as thc is but one active compouond in cannabis that gets one stoned or high, so those numbers really mean dick all to me..
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    MarijuanaMomma Member

    Yes well when you use it for pain relief purposes, those numbers really start to matter ;)

    Ballsonrawls Active Member

    i agree with racerboy. also if you are looking for pain relief id be going for CBD strains. salves are also great.

    DrOfWelshMagic Well-Known Member

    its all in here.... lol [video=youtube_share;CVeLdYDUyhU]http://youtu.be/CVeLdYDUyhU[/video]

    DrOfWelshMagic Well-Known Member

    sometimes people fuck with strains and give them new names for a reason, to try and find better medicine, wouldn't call the guy that found this strain a piece of shit.... [video=youtube_share;BH5yzEu3JGQ]http://youtu.be/BH5yzEu3JGQ[/video]

    CalvinHobbes Member

    Hi MM,
    On the first page of this thread "Natural Gas" spoke of "Juanita La Lagrimosa".
    My wife has nerve pain just like you do, she also has Arthritis and degenerative disks.
    Over the last 5 months she has made a significant improvement to her overall mobility with it.
    One night i had a sinus headache and smoked a little to see what it would do. 15 seconds later i had no pain. NONE.
    The strain clones easily and takes about 8-10 weeks to finish. The only downside is that Spidermites really like it.
    What i really like most about this strain is that you do not get high from it. My wife did once but she took a severe dose of the medicine.
    I have not seen any evidence that this helps with sleep.
    This is a truly great medicine. If you're looking to get high you'll need to find something else.
    We live in a medical marijuana state and have a legal script to grow.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    You can always get more drug in your system just by smoking/vaporizing/ingesting more.

    So absolute THC content doesn't matter as much as many think. As I always like to say, what difference does it make if it takes 4 puffs of 18% THC weed to knock you on your butt or 3 puffs of 23%?

    Particularly if you're after pain relief/medical value, what matters most are THC/CBD ratios, because that's what affects the medical QUALITY of the drug the most, and this is something that's not easily changeable by altering dose.

    You *can* alter THC/CBD ratios a little bit by playing with vaporizer temp settings, but that's a whole other discussion.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    White widow, amnesia

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Again, I agree that potency is most often over-rated, but absolute potency does matter to some extent.

    The weaker the weed, the more you have to smoke of it to get your medical dose.

    Nobody likes to smoke schwagg where they have to have two full cigarettes to get the effect they want. Takes too long, and also since the harm associated with weed is mostly related to the irritating effect of the SMOKE (not the cannabinoids) the less smoke you have to inhale to get your medicine, the better.

    As a second factor, the more you need to smoke to get your dose, the faster you'll use up your supply. If you're limited in the number of plants you can grow, by space, money, legal plant counts, this can pose a problem. All else being equal, higher potency weed is better. If supply isn't an issue, than potency becomes barely important. . .you can always make hash or another concentrate if you need to increase potency.

    Its usually not a problem, but if your weed is TOO potent, you can always smoke less of it, weigh out measured doses, take smaller puffs, hold them in less time, etc.

    In my opinion, the single most important thing for choosing a medical strain is finding one that gives you the effect/relief you're after. Again, most of that comes down to cannabinoid ratios, and the most important one of those is probably THC/CBD.

    Indicas are typically the ones with appreciable CBD levels and its not a coincidence that usually these are the strains that people consider to be most "medical".

    Malevolence New Member

    I don't know what you guys are smoking but there's a lot of weed that I can smoke bowl after bowl and hardly even get a head buzz.

    Potency is huge and pretty much the first thing I care about in a bag of weed. Fuck what it looks like, what it smells like, how it tastes... you can't tell if the high is good and strong by what the bud looks and smells like. I just want to get high.

    iontoxicated415 Member

    When ppl realize and broaden their minds enough to know there is a magnificent thing happening with cannabis today there are ppl creating strains for specific kinds of patients and when ur in pain or have muscle deteriation ...potency matters....and maybe you who doubt the ptency really matters smoke some 14percent thc strain then smoke some pineapple chunk 25 % with high cbd count....YOU WOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE..UNLESS OF COURSE UR RETARDED?

    DrOfWelshMagic Well-Known Member

    20130625_105617.jpg top left, the next generation!

    iontoxicated415 Member

    And my strain is pineapple chunk got mine thru s.o.s

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    everything I've ever grown has been plenty potent so really all I care about is the taste as smoking a little more bud that tastes great is a pleasure. I have had some pretty bunk indoor and schwag off the street but I've never had an issue with potency in my shit and I smoke a lot of bud, bubble hash. BHO and even make edibles occasionally but my buds always get me high after no more then 1 bowl.

    but their is some shitty buds all over the streets picked too early and machine trimmed wet shit cured but yet the east coast is flooded with it I won't even buy weed anymore I always save a nice big bag of trim so I can make hash if I run out so I never have too buy overpriced weed that wasn't grown properly.

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    did you actually test your pheno or did you just go by the bullshit estimate on the description.
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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there is some really bad weed out there, but personally speaking I have yet to smoke anything that wouldn't give me some effect after a whole bowl, even including nasty tasting harsh Mexican schwagg (which, fortunately, I haven't had in many years).

    Some of this may come down to tolerance. If you're using to dabbing all day, ordinary buds just may not do it for you anymore. I find the strong indicas, in particular, build up a tolerance pretty fast and it doesn't take long to "burn out" on those.

    I "get" this, and if I were buying a bag on the street or from a dispensary, I'd agree with you 100%. Nobody wants to shell out good money for weak stuff.

    But the original question was about picking a medical strain for home growing. In that context, of course potency matters, but there are still any number of other factors you need to consider too, and in my opinion its a mistake to focus just on the strain that's the highest potency.

    The single most important thing is just to make sure the strain in question has the medical effect you're looking for (and that usually comes down to amount of CBD). After that, you still need to consider all the other things that growers look for: absolute yield, ease of growth, flowering time, terpenes/flavor, pheno variation (if you're growing from ceed), etc.

    If you're buying a bag on the street, its pretty unlikely that you're going to take your expensive buds and try to make hash, but that's a perfectly valid thing to do if you're growing it for personal use. If you are doing that, then any decent quality hash made from even weak buds should be as potent as strong buds (if not significantly more so).

    Of course all else being equal, a 25% strain would be better than a 14% one and you'd instantly know the difference.

    The problem is that in the real world, all else usually isn't equal. Often times the most potent strains are low yielders. Some are finicky to grow, pest and/or mold susceptible too. High potency doesn't help you if powdery mildew knocks out your plants. Having adequate supply matters too.

    Would you rather have a low yielding 25% THC strain that's hard to grow, or an easy to grow high yielding one that gives you 20% THC buds? If you're an expert grower, and have a whole room to play with so you can grow more buds than you can personally use, then of course you'd want the higher potency strain. Most personal growers, though, are up against legal plant count restrictions and personal space limitations. In that setting, lower potency, with higher yield and ease of growth may make more sense.

    As another consideration, lots of medical patients like tinctures or other edibles, and if you're not going to be smoking actual buds, the absolute bud potency doesn't matter so much. If you're doing concentrates, and are limited by plant count (as most medical growers are), the most important thing is going to be amount of cannabinoids you can grow per unit time, NOT absolute cannabinoid percentage in the buds that you won't be smoking.
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