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Best indoor soil mix ever!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by budire, Aug 31, 2008.


    budire Active Member

    ok, i'm about start my second ever indoor grow and need to know the answer to "what is the best indoor soil mix ever?"! not only do i need the answer to this but I'd also like a simple formula if possible. I will be using biobizz topmax, grow and bloom like last time so the soil has to suit these ferts. last time I used 1/3 Perlite, 1/3 Vermiculite & 1/3 Peat moss but the soil was very loose and i have heard that vermiculite retains wated and this may have contributed to salt build up (which I had to flush to fix. twice:cry:)

    fox3000gt Member

    i got mine in mg potting soil it'a almost 2 months with 5 finger leaves

    fox3000gt Member

    how long til it flowers

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    i use foxfarm little pricey but its orgainic and i dont have to add anything grows fine for me

    fox3000gt Member

    these are my first ones they're about 11in outdoor with 5 finger leaves how long til they flower:leaf:

    beelzbub Member

    Peat moss and vermiculite will both retain water, if you had retention issues I would leave them out totally. I only add things that help drainage because I've never had too much drainage, and I would rather water my plants more often than watch them rot from water I can't get out. Here is a sample recipe ripped straight from the video Stoned Free:

    Potting soil 60%
    Perlite 15%
    Building sand 10%
    Worm castings 10%
    Pre-mix 5%

    Two things to note. First, if you want to add sand for drainage it has to be BUILDING sand, not beach sand which contains salts. Second, the "Pre-mix" is basically solid fertilizer. In the video he uses some 12-6-6, but it sounds like you already have some liquid nutes so you could just ignore pre-mix. At the moment I am not adding anything to my potting soil because I use 3" coco pots for sprouting and cloning, so I already have mad retarded drainage.

    fox3000gt Member

    who you talking to

    northwoodsmoker New Member

    yea who???
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    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    All four ingredients are store bought, in bags, use "equal" measurements. They are available just about anywhere.

    4-Way Mix:
    1 part "Top soil"
    1 part "Compost"
    1 part "Perlite" or "Vermiculite"
    1 part "Steer Manure"*

    * The 1 part "Steer Manure" is just a guideline, and should only be added to the mix after a 1 month repot. Prior to one month, just use the first three ingredients. The 1 part "Steer Manure" can actually be any "Complete" fertilizer or combination of "ingredients" - there are just 2 conditions:
    1. The overall "1 part" should only be as strong as "normal" steer manure. So don't go and use a full "part" of bat guano - it's too strong by itself.
    2. If you use some small amount of concentrated fertilizer, use the first three ingredients as a "3 Way Filler", so that the finished "1 part of fertilizer" equals 25% of the overall volume.

    You should add about a good, rounded, Tablespoon of Dolomite Lime to each gallon of mix.
    HeLLa x GoOd

    HeLLa x GoOd New Member

    50% fox farm ocean forest/ 50% fox farm light warrior!

    If you didnt know..know you do!

    ROBINBANKS New Member


    Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix

    Super Soil

    Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix comes in two types - an all round pre-fertilised soil and a truly exceptional superior soil growing medium. Specifically designed for use with Canna Terra and Canna Bio Nutrients (although exceptional results can also be achieved using Bio-Bizz or Bio Sevia nutrients), both of these soil mixes ae sure to provide fantastic results for all who use them. Canna Terra Professional is the approximate equivalent of Bio-Bizz All-Mix, having a high nutrient content as well as good structure, aeration and drainage. it is the ideal soil for many growers as little (if any) nutrient is needed until you switch your plants onto a flowering/fruiting light cycle.

    Canna Terra Professional Plus is something quite special that organic connoisseurs and expert growers are sure to love. Made from highest quality white peat and organic bark, Professional Plus has outstanding structure and drainage along with valuable trace elements and chelates to ensure consistently healthy growth. Having no nutrient content means that this media is for more advanced growers who can now tailor their vegetative growth for superior results.
    Then add this stuff

    Bionically transforms your plants

    Breakthrough products aren't all that common, but HALO may well be one of the biggest new developments for quite a while. By stimulating your plants growth and stress-defence responses, HALO not only improves resistance to disease but also provides an impressive growth and flowering response - including multiple flowering sites and increased oil production. It actually increases the rate of photosynthesis (the equivalent of having more lights!) leading to higher yields and increased biomass. Based around Harpin Protein - a widely used commercial application, this remains the first and only product using such technology in the UK. Trust us when we say HALO will not leave you disappointed. Words really can't do this product justice - you simply HAVE to try it! Apply 2-5 times throughout your grow for maximum effect.

    ***WARNING*** HALO is an extremely potent booster. Avoid if you are using a vertical growing system or sea of green growing technique. In grow spaces with limited headroom, don't apply this product during the transplanting stage as it will cause a massive surge in growth - potentially leaving your plants too big to manage. Also be prepared to flower your plants at a much shorter height when using HALO. Available as a cost effective 100g tub or in 5x soluble sachets - each of which dissolves in 500ml of water to create the ideal strength foliar spray.

    zamzia Well-Known Member

    Is the % by volume OR weight?


    althor Well-Known Member

    As of now I am willing to say there is no best soil for MJ.

    Even the soils that advertise for MJ growing arent even near mixed for growing MJ.

    You have to add shit to everything or mix soils etc to get it where it needs to be.

    chadkush Member

    Has anyone used canna terra professional soil? Iam thinking of useing it. How long will it feed plants for? Im gonna be growing some gsc and sfv ogk

    scrofula New Member

    I'm using canna terra professional and noticed first round leaves and second leaves turning yellow from tips and slightly upward curling edges... I don't no if this is due to it being to hot as my girl looked healthy until a day ago.... now 15 days old... any advice would be grateful thanks

    Cobnobuler Well-Known Member

    I use FFOF with about 30 % Perlite. Thats it. I once tried the Roots707 organic and quickly went right back to Foxfarm. For keeping the vegetation nice and green throughout the grow you just cant beat it. Some say its too hot out of the bag for seedlings but even that I've never had be the case. I'd love to try the Subs super soil recepie but its too much work for me and my heart condition. For ease of use I find FF to be worth every penny.

    scrofula New Member

    View attachment 2984393
    what do you think this is? no nutes added to water yet but does it look like a Ph issue or heat stress or maybe canna pro too hot?? thanks in advance

    TheNameless Well-Known Member

    I've done both of these, both recommended. For me FFOF mixed with either light warrior, or perlite, is the easiest, relatively cheapest way to go that works great every time and is organic. I usually add a bit of limestone to keep it from going acidic in late flower.
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    RIKNSTEIN Well-Known Member

    Wow who gave you that :evil: ...Hey OP if you want the best indoor soil go with this, http://www.rollitup.org/organics/539844-subs-supersoil.html

    scrofula New Member

    can anyone help me with what's happening to my power Africa please

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