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Best Hydroponic Nutrients???

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by CFornell, Apr 26, 2010.


    CFornell Active Member

    I'm new to this site, and growing. Ive started my first grow op, and started with Ionic, i know its a matter of personal preference for the most part but i was heard alot of good things on the Humboldt County Line...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    fatman7574 New Member

    You really have to watch out with the Humbolt formulations as most contain no calcium and most do not have all necessary trace elements for inert hydroponics. There are many good tow part and three part formulations. I would avoid supplements. Supplements are more geared towrad orgainic grows and often cause problems used with chemical nutrients. Most addittions (magnesium, calcium, iron, phophorus and potash) are really more to counter the inbalances common in recirculating nutrient reserviors that are seldom changed out. The plants do not have increased needs but the reservoirs have increased amounts of their nutrient minerals tied up in buffers thereby causing deficiencies of nutrients. They are in the reservior but not available to the plants.

    The only really good nutrients are those mixed especially for your needs. However most growers have no way of determining those needs.

    tighty Member

    reccomend any fatman?

    CyberSecks Active Member

    well advanced nutrients are supposed to be good but pricey.
    i tried ionic and its very salty i get that white coat of salt everywhere.
    i like the general hydroponics flora series.

    not to expensive but always done well in the past

    meowmix Active Member

    every side by side test ive seen say Advanced Nutrients are not only the best, but they are better by a mile by just about every other product. Ive heard Canna and Botanicare is awesome, but I bet if you tested them, AN would come out on top (pretty sure AN already beat Canna).

    fatman7574 New Member

    AN's two part is really no better than GH two part formulation and AN is a great deal more expensive. If you actually looked at a comparison analysis they are very nearly the same once mixed. AN really has only one advantage. That is Fat Milkie's bravado and relentless deceptive ramblings and advertising. AN has no more aceess to miracle nutrient formulation data than anyone else. (IE there are no miracles or new discoveries in nutrient formulations). Some mj nutrient manafacturers just have higher ethical standards than Fat Mikie of AN so they do not try to sell bunk supplements and twisted "new" formulations just to make increased sells and profits.

    AN is also no better than Canna, AN is simply more concentrated. Botanicare's chemical nutrients are also every bit as good as AN's two parts formulations. The ratios of ingrediants are about the same for all the major mj manafacturer's two part standard formulations, but concentrations vary. IE 2-2-2 is the same as 4-4-4, the 4-4-4 is just twice as concentrated. The high concentration fertolzers are actually supplying you withless micronutrients as when you dilute the higher concentration formulas twice as much your also only getting half as much micronutrients as they do not increase those concentrations like they do the major nutrients. IE they this so as to increase their profits not so as to provide a better deal for the buyer. Their actual fertilizer ingrediants cost is very, very minimal. Typically less than $2.50 per gallon of concentrate for the standard two part formulations.

    Some like AN spend too much on advertising and expect larger profits so they simply charge more.
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    CFornell Active Member

    Cool thanks everyone for all the advice...Has anyone tried the Technaflora Recipe for Success. I"m leaning toward that because of the entire kit you can buy all at once for like 40 bucks....

    CFornell Active Member

    Also i definitely would have to agree with the salt build up with the Ionic!!

    dregs Member

    My first run was with this.. I was not only un-impressed but the $40 kit is not enough to do a whole grow. Don't be fooled. Although I am slowly switching to AN for simplicity's sake Canna is a great nutrient with great results. This is what I am currently using with some additives.

    UrbanAerO Active Member

    Does anyone else use House and Garden Van de Zwaan?? Hows it compare to others?

    DMG3528 Well-Known Member

    TechnaFlora nutes are awsome.
    I have used them for years. They also play nice with other nutes so if you want to use some one elses in the end of your flower, you can with no probs.
    Real reasonable on the wallet as well.
    Good luck!

    DivinePower Well-Known Member

    If I had to do it any differently then I am currently doing it - I would be starting to do more research on mixing my own nutes, possibly complimented with a couple of AN's boosters.

    But for now since I dont have the space to experiment I am using what has always worked amazing for me - and that's AN's line up. For the longest time all I used was their three part system plus Nirvana and Big Bud. Trying out Bud Candy this time around too. If I was growing on a larger scale I would probably try experimenting faster - but currently I'm only having to buy nutes once a year so the money invested just isn't that bad to me at the moment.

    Plant in my avatar was grown in soil using AN's GMB, BB and Nirvana as I mentioned earlier.

    greengenius Member

    I use canna aqua vega and aqua flores 2 part. Only thing i've added this round is Hydroplex by botanicare. I was given a free sample and saw some awesome results in a trainwreck strain i was growing. The second wind it got near the end of flowering was stellar compared to previous grows.

    I agree with Fatman as it's all in the numbers on the bottle. The pictures on the label and the claims are simply that... marketing, not actual results.

    If you want a higher yield get a better yielding plant and treat it right.

    CFornell Active Member

    yea i was wonderin about that hydoplex, i got that free sample too, i think i"ll try it out...did you use as directed?

    DivinePower Well-Known Member

    I'd say you are 100% wrong there. You get awesome results with their products. But everyone wants to whine and complain because they market the crap out of their stuff and its a little pricer then the rest. I am willing to be the farm that if they didn't market it as much and the price was lower like some other products - everyone and their mother would be using the stuff.
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    DjAeroFluxxx Active Member

    im running AN's Iguana Grow and Bloom, Voodoo Juice, Piranha and Tarantula, sensisym, organic b and Bud Candy, along with some Cal- Mag and Liquid Karma, i ran out of sensizym about half way through and had to get H & G's Zen but my ladies are looking amazing, and i can really tell that bud candy is gonna make them taste amazing but i did spend some money on the nutrients well see if its really worth it after i chop them down and cure them which shoudl be done by end of may.

    greengenius Member

    I used the whole bottle they gave me, which is about 1/2 dose in my 100 gal res. Yesterday I used the full 5 ml/gal for the first time on the PK I have on week 5. They slept fine and look great this morning. No curved leaves or any type of stress at 2.2 EC
    "awesome results" equates to what exactly? If AN's products are so revolutionary and amazing, wouldn't their name stand for itself without the gimmicks and branding shoved down your throat? Isn't it all about bud mass and weight in the end? I'm willing to bet my farm that if their products actually made that much of a difference, no one would give a shit about the cost and there would be no controversy.

    researchkitty Well-Known Member

    I used AN for years. I dont like them. Too expensive, too finicky.

    Now using Humboldt Nutrients, and am happy again.

    CFornell Active Member

    lol thats why when i posted "i know its a matter of personal preference"...haha i was just hoping to get some opinions based on personal experience. cant we all just get along:)

    And by the way, i would have to say i've gotten a alot of good insight...thanks everyone!

    DivinePower Well-Known Member

    Glad you still got something out of it dood. Good luck on your grow!

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