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Best Hydro System For Medicinal Cannabis

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by bigbud0023, Jan 27, 2012.


    bigbud0023 Member

    Hi All, I am new to growing and considering several options to best suit my needs. I have been researching furiously but still somewhat confused. I can have 6 plants to grow at a time and would like to get the most bang for my buck. I would like to go hydroponics, but not sure if I should use an Ebb and Flow table and have the plants growing in clay pellets or rockwool, or get one of those bucket systems. I am also considering getting a deep water culture bucket system for these 6 plants. Then I hear of others who use a drip system?

    I think I will be able to have seedlings in addition to these 6 plants, so I can veg then for about 6-8 weeks.

    I hear a lot about people using Sunshine #4 to grow in. I don’t know exactly how much yields I will get with these systems or if one is better than another. I was thinking of the SOG method, but willing to look at other methods with bigger plants for more yield.
    Can anyone provide me with solid information as to what I can expect from some of these systems. I feel confident I can learn how to use them all. I am also considering being a caregiver and then could expand to 36 plants if I have some success.
    I appreciate any and all feedback to get me the best and most medicine.


    HydroDawg421 Well-Known Member

    Toolage 87

    Toolage 87 Well-Known Member

    Here are 2 hydro setups that I would chose from imo

    RDWC = Recirculating DWC (Makes it easier to clean and such.
    Aero = Have 1 res with water in it and plants in their own container.

    Both of these should be easy to work with since they use a res separate and you can clean them out easier imo. I am growing in a regular DWC and I wouldn't really recommend it to people unless they are tight for space or don't mind moving alot of water to the res.

    There is a 3rd one but most wouldn't do it but you could do a RAeroDWC (Recirculating Aero DWC). This is really good if you change out your plants in your system alot and don't want your buckets to be very full all the time.
    Mr marko

    Mr marko Member

    I like the stand alone units. Deep water culture works great for me. General hydroponics offers them around 60$ each. No circulation for these type just an air pump.
    Green Dave

    Green Dave Well-Known Member

    Look at Hempy buckets easy as soil with results of hydro
    DIY for Pennys (Cost of a plastic container and perlite

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