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Best Fox Farm Soil

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by GreenThumb17244, Sep 5, 2012.


    GreenThumb17244 Active Member

    What is the best FF soil for seeds?

    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    I use Ferti-Loom I get it at Lowes it is perfecct. Dont think it is ff but it is by far working for me . Got to soak the soil for one day before you plant it is so light it takes a while to get wet but once it is you are ready.

    Hilltop112 Well-Known Member

    I work at a nursery and we carry fertilome and Fox farm. I would highly suggest Fox Farm Ocean Forest over any other soil. It has enough food to last atleast a month.

    Fertilome is fine for houseplants, Not MJ plants. FL has absolutly 0 nutrients in the soil, Is very very light, They don't add enough perlite to help with drainage. It's decent soil for the price but i'd never recommend it for MJ. But if it works for you, More power to you.

    EDIT: didn;t realize you said for seeds. For seeds i've still always used FFOF but it can burn, so you could Mix FFOF 50/50 with SUPERSOIL, Which can be bought at homedepot. Like 10 bucks for a 3 cuft bag. but i personally don't thinks its necessary, I've popped hundreds if not thousands of seeds in FFOF and burnt maybe a few

    GreenThumb17244 Active Member

    Yea I dont want something to strong for seeds...had enough burning my plants

    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    Happy Frog is good for starting seeds or clones. Switch to Ocean Forest after the get past the seedling/rooting stage

    ItsSaturday Active Member

    I would germ in rockwool or jiffy pellets then wait till it's fully rooted and stick then in a small plastic cup with FFOF. Make sure to put drainage holes in the bottom of the cup. Don't add any nutes for at least 4 weeks. It should sprout if you have good seeds and it will grow like crazy. You might get a little nute burn from the FFOF but if you do a good flush week 1 and week 2 then by week 4-5 it will be needing the nutes again and you should have a health baby ready for full veg.

    Edited - Corrected something. :-)

    GreenThumb17244 Active Member

    Light warrior or happy frog from seed?

    Villa Active Member

    I put my seeds in happy frog and then use ocean forest when i transplant.

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    The BEST Fox Farm soil for SEEDS is Fox Farm Light Warrior. Check out their website, they explain how Light Warrior is specifically formulated for seedlings. Happy Frog and Ocean Forest are formulated for established plants in containers. When your growing in the ground using native soil, you want to use Happy Frog Soil Conditioner.

    GreenThumb17244 Active Member

    Light warrior it is...thanks everyone

    grorite Well-Known Member

    yeah happy frog burned the shit out of my seedlings

    THC&STDs4All Active Member

    Did you over water? I used FFoF on my seedlings and got slight nute burn however i feel if i wasnt such a hawk about my plants and i was willing to let my roots dry up - i could have easily avoided nute burn. and happy frog is about 1/2 strength of FFoF from my understanding

    daturabuzz New Member

    As far as Fox Farm goes I would say Light Warrior for seeds. I just use Pro Mix. I have used both Happy Frog and even Ocean Forest with success. OF is a bit hot though.
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    vfwvn Well-Known Member

    For seeds I feel that Jiffy's seed starting mix is terrific, put in well draining solo cups soak well place 12hr water soaked seeds in bout 1/16 deep cover and usually get 100% satisfaction.

    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    I lie a 75/25 mix of lightwarrior and FFOF for my seedlings. Then I use 80%FFOF and 20% perlite for the final planting medium

    Also, and this is very very important, when using FFOF it is IMPERATIVE you add about 2 cups of dolomite lime per 1.5cf of FFOF soil. This soil has a tendency to acidify over time, and the lime buffers this substantially. If you don't do this you are going to be fighting all kinds of deficiencies throughout the grow but all the while it will be a low soil pH problem. Lime it!!

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