Best companies you've dealt with?

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    buster8813 Active Member

    Who's the companies that you have had the best experience with? Which of their strains impressed you most?
    so far I have dealt with bc bud depot and Barney's farm. Love both of but can't say how I like the strains yet. Sweet god from bcbd seems ok but not producing heavily as expected and quite finicky with nutes. Barney's farm, critical kush.. Awesome. Not smoked it yet but for growing she's been great. Couple more weeks and well see how the finished products

    Looking forward to seeing some replies

    shadeforlife Member

    Got 20 white widow seeds for the price of 15 very quickly (less than 10 days). Planted 7, all germed.
    bo fli 7000

    bo fli 7000 Active Member

    dna rp og 18, headband,martian kush and there sour d i really didnt like, silver kush 6 outta 10 rating, rp og kush cant get it right in hydo it was good tho,dr green og kush, chem 4 good, have bubba katsu s1 tried 3 none cracked have 2 more fingers cross, g 13 from them was garbage , g 13 seeds p express, purple haze,blue berry gum decent, g house super lemon haze" kings kush,church not that good fem seeds had balls 2 weeks n flower for church, tga querkle ,plushberry good, dinafem blue widow decent, cc dead head og good but it hermed bubba kush good low yield larry and blackwater did'nt like, sweet seeds carmelicious taste like toffee decent alright ,Connoisseur Genetics grandoggy purps decent. I have going now goji og,purple 18,blueberry headband,exodus kusk,skywalker kush,lemon og,sour double kush,fuel, having problems with hippys private stash all three popped died and my fem cc 818 looks like shit just my view of things
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    DEFINITELY DNA! tried sweet haze, my second favorite strain and better than a lot of generic hazes, but 9 weeks... but it's stretchy, SCROG recommended. lemon skunk and sour cream are both superior buds too as DNA strains have many well rounded qualities and are not one dimensional strains like white widow which is jusy about resin glands even if the bud is harsh and tasteless. the lemon skunk is much more up than skunk #1, with a nice lemongrass taste and a cool golden glow with it's orange pistils that adds all those extra little details. sour cream's buzz isn't a favorite, too stony, but functional like a good skunk #1 or blueberry but crazy delicious like cream cheese with hints of fruit like a yoghurt. i gave LA cponfidential away as it's too stinky and afghani dominant for my tastes, but many love that strain too. i'd go more for cannalope haze, C13 haze, or chocolope before that. TGA Subcool. there's a couple haters, but a lot of people love TGA gear. i remember raves back to around '04, but alwaysa wondered about all the strains i'd never heard of. he still gets a lot of raves for ALL of hist strains bred from elite cuttings or selected offspring. the one of the popular jillybeans i tested either succumb to mold or drying in their peat pellets and the other got cloned too early so i can't report on that, but the 3/5 females i got were AMAZING! it's my favorite strain. it's trippy, very euphoric with nice potency, has a functional stone with a warm body glow and is a cool "touchy feely" strain that responds to touch like only short stuff yucky (diesel) tasting onyx. if it didn't have an offensive name, i'd really like to grow extra trippy jack the ripper, but will like a pina colada pheno, hopefully, cross of that with apollo 13 called third dimension and might get a full pack of jillybean for the orange pheno. mandala has great cheap strains and a bargain mix too. his gear is especially known for noob friendly hardiness. 8 miles high is my 4th favorite strain. it's a nice mellow happy playful high that's niether racy nor stony and is clear headed along the lines of a generic haze, but with enough psychoactivity that it makes music and dancing fun, with precise body control, but you can cheech and chong out to a movie on it too. i thought it's a very classy understated high that's 24/7 awesome. his satori has a really good high according to another that puts it in his top 2. i cut his hashberry down because it's a stinker. i don't remember it being stony though. it's a popular strain for anyone looking for a brick wall strain. high quality seeds has an awesome haze x skunk for about $30. it's really potent and long lasting, euphoric, motivational, good for tuning out hunger pangs or getting off beer (i dieted and went cold turkey on it!) and doesn't turn stony after even a month like columbian gold, the trippiest i've ever smoked so far, could. it takes 12 weeks and likes to stretch, but it makes a bud every couple inches and would be great in a scrog. it tastes like cheesy cigar wrappers which might be an issue, but not that strong. i was less impressed with their thai skunk which performed more like a generic haze. sweet haze was fruitier, stickier and trippier than that too. if black label seeds is another line by them, that one's masterkush auto did what it's supposed to in a strain that's mild stony like skunk #1 in a compact fast flowering strain you can't clone, but haze skunk is my #3 fave for a hard hitting motivational high with some rough edges around the corners, but it's not harsh or even expansive in reasonable size hits. it's a bargain if you're willing to give it some time and room you can't get joey weed gear anymore, but i liked his C99 for an energetic more clearheaded than generic haze high and his version was a quick 45-50 day pheno. it's the strain i started all of my breeding with, but jack herer's are much funner. speaking of jack crosses, i liked what i saw from CH9's jack. it's compact and looks like an indica, but it's stone is functional and middy, with nice euphoria and potency in a strain that doesn't skunk either. jack's cleaner & sweet haze have better buzzes, but for a stone that's actually agreeable to someone who hates getting stoned, it's very nice and potential breeding stock, especially with stretchy sativas. their jack 33 is described as being even more euphoric, i can't wait to test that too as well as take better notes on the subtleties and keeper factors. holy smokes seeds doesn't have a lot of reporting, yet, but i REALLY liked what i saw at the start from their malawi gold. they're preserving a lot of african sativas now that afropips is no longer with us. i'm hoping to get the trippy lemon legendary pheno out of it. i cut the mozambique poison freebie i got for ordering a pack of MG that included 2 more MGs, 2 MPs and 2 mulanje golds. the MP was a male, but it's leaves had some of the licorice flavor of the durban bud i was gifted in the 90s, but more of a spice, even dried basil flavor than licorice stick. it's definitely less fussy than sativa seeds full moon (highland thai). for landraces, ace, gage green & world of seeds have some fans. i want to work up to those harder to grow strains for breeding eventually. sannies is at the top of my shopping list for $50 jack f7 which has as much respect as $225 sensi seeds herer. they get mostly raves for top quality genetics. i want to try jack hammer when i get more ambitious and will pass on raved about for how trippy it is killing fields because the name doesn't sit still with me, like jack the ripper, but i bet by another name, it might take a top 2 spot based on descriptions from growers. i loved the crushed red pepper flavor and crazy energetic, as in you can't fucking sit still on it, literally, euphoric, but clear headed buzz of kali mist so much that i gave up bidding on it at an INSANE $120 for an 8th because all you could by anywhere in my town in NY was fucking same old same old afghanis! UGH! it's most euphoric and energetic strain ever like a tweaker version of C99. i still have 1 bean left, but i imagine if it';s even still viable, it's the never sweet and spicy re-mix that sounds wussy compared to the lip burning hot original. serious seeds has a rep for quality. i THOUGHT they were the originators of AK-47 and bubble gum. but apparently was wrong, but they get respect. mr nice, SOMA, DJ shorts, mosca, bodhi, TH seeds, & dinafem are a few other breeders i've read good things about more than once.

    hsfkush Well-Known Member

    Female Seeds - cheap and cheerful with some great strains like C99, Bubblegummer and Lemon Kush.DNA Genetics - Pricey but worth it, excellent genetics.Reserva Privada - Same as DNA.I've heard very good things about Delicious Seeds and Sweet Seeds too, I think they're both Spanish, right?Edit:- is the forum broken, it doesn't let me do paragraphs :s

    mikeyboy2121 Well-Known Member

    OG Raskal has given me consistently uber dank plants. I've tried his White Strawberry, White Super Skunk, White Fire, and Fire Alien. Superior plants in all of those packs. Alien Genetics have given me some real nice plants as well. I have Optimus Prime, Kraken, Tahoe Alien Bubblegum, and Alien Grenades. Alien Grenades is a bit less dank but super heavy yield. DNA Chocolope was superb. Og18 out of 6 beans I got for absolute garbage plants and 2 real nice keepers. BOG will give you nice frosty good yielding fast finishing strains. Bodhi- is one of the best breeders out there atm. Anything from his is going to be fire.

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    something about rambling that gives me tired head. If you are going to write a 5 paragraph story please highlight the cliff notes for us.....After a short paragraph I am out.....
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    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    none, so far no seed company has met my expectation of honesty and quality for a fair price, but this partly due to the seedbanks and thier policys.(not the consumer policy their business policy's)

    calicat Well-Known Member

    If you get the critical mass phenotype on BF's critical kush you'll be stoked. Grew great..tight internodes, dense buds, distinctive lemon funk og taste and heavy hit.

    buster8813 Active Member

    Thanks everyone who's posted so far :)Good info, very much appreciated :)I'm not sure how to tell if I have that pheno Calicat but so far the look and smell is incredible. I still think my strawberry cough is my fav at the moment though and by far the biggest let down EVER is the bcbd sweet god! They're not putting on weight at all little to no trichomes so far.. Very disappointed. I doubt they will fatten up a lot more like they'd should as today is week 4 of 12/12 and they're supposed to be 6-8 week finishers which is about the same time as the critical kush and strawberry cough but they seem weeks behind.. Go figure.. The ones I was looking forward to for years and did more of are the ones that suck lol

    Clankie Active Member

    Ever tried Sannies? He's a real stand-up guy, and runs a great shop. Great gear and his prices are awesome because he doesn't go through a middle man.

    HeartlandHank Well-Known Member

    peakseedsbc - HIGH quality at a great price. PSBC NL is the most potent plant I've grown. I like the cash only...Hempdepot - My first order, I sent an extra $20, Brad sent the $20 back with the seeds.Sannies - ordered once, great value, fast shipment, verdict is still out on the genetics. i have no doubts though.Dr GThumb - sent the wrong seeds and fixed the issue with just a quick no bullshit phone call, nice. Verdict still out on the genetics. i have no doubts though.Like the poster above said... the breeders who distribute themselves often sell at full quality but 1/2 price of other breeders/pollen tossers... Sannies, Peakseedsbc, BeanHo...

    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    recently i have grown strains from, mr nice, karma genetics, dna genetics tga
    i have more karma genetics strains to work through and some og raskal too (fire alien kush)

    breeders choice chocolate rain is still high on my list not got round to that one yet lol
    just go with whatever takes your fancy, no real guarantee with any of them most you can get from attitude
    the chocolate rain is from sannies shop (breeders choice)

    i have had no problems with attitude
    i have used everyonedoesit and they are not so good, they claim to have stock that they do not, orders are delayed i would avoid them


    Couchland Active Member

    You need to try PeakSeedsBC, it will restore your faith in humanity.

    mikeyboy2121 Well-Known Member

    PeakSeedsBC Blueberry was absolute garbage!. Turned me off from trying any of his other strains.

    Feroce Well-Known Member

    Sannies. Has it all, genetics, prices, and service are all stellar. I just made my 15th order, Silverfields, Shiva fems, and Santa Maria x Blueberry freebies on the way... Look for a big drop from E$kobar, next month/early 2013...Lady Cane F3s and some Mexican Haze crosses.

    cleverpiggy Active Member

    Peak seeds is the real deal, this is a fact! There genetics are vigorous and stable. MJ's customer service is top notch as well. You will not be let down with this gear. Blueberry is a bitch to grow by the way, but his is as true as it comes, twisted leaves and all.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried Beanho although he has some interesting looking gear. Agree with you on Sannies/Peakseeds. Sannies gear is good, I have my PeakseedsBC gear going (including 4 NL, 2 SS, 1 Kushberry) though and it's looking promising. And Mike is good to deal with, the prices are right and the shipping was prompt. Also gave me a little deal for a volume order.

    Clankie Active Member

    Ohhh shit. E$co finally dropping more Lady Cane? Around the same time as Bodhi's appalachia crosses will be dropping too.....
    In flower from Sannie I have 2 jack females and 3 killing fields females (from 4 beans each) and both jacks already have a nice trich dusting at only 18 days into 12/12. (I vegged my plants long enough to sex and then flowered immediately) With another 8-10 weeks to go, I am not exactly concerned about potency there.

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