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Best CFL's

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by kaptinkombat, Nov 13, 2007.


    kaptinkombat Active Member

    i am growing one plant in the end on my closet, i have 6 vertical t12 48" fluorescents and one CFL suspended above the plant in my own ghetto rig. i am thinking of going and buying like 5 40 watt CFL bulbs, and a board of wood with holes , and fastening the lights into the wood fixure and suspending this above the plants. Is this a good way to do it and anyone know what the best brand of CFL is for flowering stage?

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    I have 9 x 42W CFLs in three tri-arrays (378W and ~24,000 lumens) - I paid $12 each bulb. its working pretty well so far. there are also 95, 125 and 200W CFLs as well. those are pretty expensive...

    herballuvmonkey Well-Known Member

    not really dude. 100 watt cfl 6500 k 10k lumens home depot for 59.99. check the outdoor lighting section. i use 3 in my closet 300 watts 30k lumens they work great. i spent 52.00 more use 78 less watts per hour and get 6000 more lumens.

    SmokeDr420 Well-Known Member


    SmokeDr420 Well-Known Member

    it was cheap, easy, and sped up our growth but they might be right...100wtt cfl would be perfect if you want to spend some money.....remember get the right setup in the beginning to avoid spending additional money later on when you may need more lighting(or equipment) which adds onto the budget in the end
    A County Nugs

    A County Nugs Member

    you can get a 65w CFL at Lowes for around $20, i use one in my veg box and it works great, they also have them in warm spectrums.

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