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Best CFL type for Grow Box?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Jay.Sander, Jan 28, 2013.


    Jay.Sander Member

    Hey guys, first time growing indoors. Grew twice outdoors and did ok (2.2lbs). I got a free grow box last week that just needs some lights. Its simple, 3 foot tall and 2 feet wide, exhaust & intake, and 3 ports for light bulbs.

    --Would 2-105watt CFL 5000k be better than 3-65watt CFL 6500K? --

    I was able to answer most of my other questions through this forum but im having trouble with this one. Thanks in advance.

    NewSchoolgrower Active Member

    well 105x2 is 210w and 65 x 3 is 195w. Since 210 is more watts doesnt mean its better because with three 65w you will get better light distribution by being able to spread the light out more. so 3 65w is better than 2 105w.. you know that you will need different lights to actually grow bud though right?? 6500k is blue light and is for vegging not flowering. you will be lucky to get 90 grams even with the right lights though.

    Vegging under blue light 6500k
    Flowering is under red light like 2700k

    you can still get bud from blue light but yield will suck.

    get 2 y adapters and screw them in. now u have 4 sockets instead of 2 so 4 light bulbs instead of 2 without having to add extra sockets besides the 2 y adapters.
    I wouldnt even veg in a box that small just take your clones and go right to flower.

    lol hope that helped.. if it did msg the member '' rollitup'' and ask him to make me a mod ( im trying to become a mod) lol.. thanks

    cosmoridez Active Member

    wtf bundy...............

    Jay3Lee Member

    Why not use 3 x 105 watters? More wattage.. plus better coverage? The splitters are a great idea too!!! And if you can only afford one set of lights.. stick with 2700k.. they are best for flowering.. which is 80% of your plants life... so if your going to keep the same bulbs the whole grow.. go with the ones that will work best for the longest (and most important!) period of your plants life.. the flowering stage.. Good luck!

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    If the 105 is a "real" growlight then Im guessing they cost a lot compared to the 65w. Id just buy more (3+) 65w CFLs instead of the expensive grow lights. Otherwise Im half guessing (as everyone else is) that it wouldnt matter if you got 3x65w or 2x105w.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    5000k is the best flouro there is a thread i started on it in the fluorescent section of this site.

    lazyeffort Member

    The question of light dispersion vs penetration. The higher wattage bulbs are less efficient, but will have slightly better penetration.. They also cost more per watt. If you are going scrog, you probably want a "wall of light" I prefer 42w for a not too expensive but still relatively bright bulb, where it is still pretty easy to get 10,000 lumens per square foot. I use 8 42w 2700k and 6 23w 6500ks for flowering 3 square feet.

    mr.lightgr3en Active Member

    NICE!! I was gonna do a thread asking this question but you beat me to it and if you'd dont mind a got another couple questions?

    I have 4 42w cfls 2700k
    And I have another couple of 26w 2700k which ofcouse are for flowering.
    If I make a total of 300w of cfls.
    What will be better?
    And cheaper in electric bill?
    300w cfls or 150w hps?
    because i mean each one of those 42w cfls are 10$ at Wally world.
    Buying another four will make 336 actual watts...comeing out to 40$ might as well buy the hps?
    Or the cfls are better?

    mr.lightgr3en Active Member

    by the way my cabinet is exactly your size as well 3ft tall 2ft wide

    clayman187 Active Member

    gotta keep cfls really close but you can get a decent grow if you work it right

    mr.lightgr3en Active Member

    yes but is it better then the 150w
    And is it cheaper?

    clayman187 Active Member

    I dont think its better...but it all depends on your going sist. but remember im a newb.
    And when I get the cash Im buying a 400. to attempt a vert grow.

    For the over all dollar to produce a decent personal stash and your strapped for cash..cfl's all the way

    Jay.Sander Member

    I got some great replies and lots of help and I basically started looking all over again and decided to go with (3)105 Watt CFL - 2700k Warm White and (2)65 Watt CFL - 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight. I'm not expecting much, but anything's better than nothing right? Especially this time of year where i cant grow outdoors and im being forced to buy :-?. --Any nutrients you guys might recommend?-- i was gonna use the same 20-20-20 i use outdoors but i thought id ask first. thanks

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