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Best butter to make.. butter?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Rob0769, Nov 9, 2012.


    Rob0769 Active Member

    I have some buds I want to make in to butter. I am going to put in crock pot low setting, just barely cover with butter and let cook for few hours. Is this the best method? I have butter with 3% fat. I've seen up to 7% in stores. More fat absorbs more right? What's a really good butter for this? I can't believe it's not butter has 7% fat.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Your method should work fine. Make sure to grind weed or at least chop finely for more efficient extraction.

    In case you haven't noticed, "I Can't believe its not butter" isn't actually butter. Its made of mostly vegetable oil, a little buttermilk, water and salt. I think the vegetable oil will absorb your cannabinoids, but I don't know if this will resolidify well after cooking for several hours. I certainly would NOT try this myself.

    If you want actual butter when you're done, I'd suggest starting with real butter (ie from a cow, not a laboratory).

    Despite what you suggest above, real butter is about 80% milkfat, and will dissolve just about all the THC you care to throw at it.

    SunnyHours Active Member

    Best bet is either Virgin Coconut Oil or Real Butter (highest fat % you can find). A blend of high quality Oils can work well too
    Soy Lecithin is also a must in your cooking recipes ;)

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

    i second the virgin coconut oil. easier to work with and much more versatile.

    and yeah. 'i can't believe it's not butter' is supposed to have the highest levels of trans fats out of all the butter substitutes. i'm getting arterial sludge just thinking about it ;)
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member


    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Love Butter!
    Make it all the time
    Unsalted butter with the heights fat content I can find.
    I used 1oz buds per pound of butter
    Grind dry buds (Coffee grinder work great)

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