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Best Auto Strains - 2012 Outdoor

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Afka, Nov 11, 2011.


    Afka Active Member

    So, just noticed this nice new forum and I'm sure I won't be the only one trying autos for the first time next summer so please, share your experiences!

    Best bud quality
    Best branching
    Best yield

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    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    I know one thing for sure and that is Short Stuff Seeds Himalaya Blue Diesel in general does not like slightly cooler temps outside... out of 28 seedlings only 6 are at a reasonable size at the start of flowering and 4 out of the 6 decent sized ones are male, the rest have not gotten above 3 inches except for one skinny stretchy looking plant that's about 7 inches tall with fan leaves no bigger than a 10c piece, if that... 10 of the 28 have yet to show any signs of sex and as expected most of the males came out first with 14 so far counted... So I can't say anything bad yet about the ratio of male to females in the batches of seeds I got...

    Probably my fault for planting them a little early... but the biggest male is going to seed the biggest female for me... so I'll have plenty of seeds to start again soon enough...

    sonar Well-Known Member

    I grew out Pandora from Paradise Seeds I got as freebies from the Attitude and I was impressed with how well they did. Nice side branching and potency. Would definitely grow it outdoors again.
    little butch

    little butch Active Member

    just stay away from "ganja dwarf lowryder from amsterdamn seeds (or anything else from them). It was my first auto grow with the GDL. they never even tried to flower until I gave up on the auto flowering at 10 weeks. I switched them to photoperiod and hit them with some bloom nutes. They ended up 6 ft. tall (instead of the advertised 12 to 15 inches). Then after all the hassle the buds were sugary but fluffy , sparse, and not that great of a high. Lousey experience all the way around. I have some rssian rocket fuel ordered from "Tude" but I have heard both dissapointment and extasy from past growers. The pic is sure interesting though. if anybody else has experience with the russian rocket fuel, I would appreciate any pertinent advice or comment. Thanks .

    whitey124 Member

    Planning a outdoor grow in the UK cold climate, i was finkin Auto fem any suggestions ? been looking at Kannabia's La Blanca and BCN Diesel

    treacy666 Member

    whitey i dont think i would bother to be honest im in the uk and i would be reluctant to start a grow outdoors in the summer let alone the winter

    as for the auto's im doin an indoor northen lights i got from nirvana seed bank they are 23 days old about 5 inches high and quite bushy so far. the main stems are really strong also. i bought 5 seeds and popped 3, i got 2 out of 3 left the 3rd did crack but struggled to escape from the shell................. so far so good i will keep u updated

    whitey124 Member

    Awh was planning summer grow, but well am north england too, just nothing like growing your own, yeah mate look forward to hearin how it goes Nothern lights is quiet popular round ere

    SmoochieBoochies Well-Known Member

    Paradise Pandora, Outdoor, Average: 29" tall, 75 days, 2.5 ozs, 2 g hash (leaves), killer stone, tastes yummy spicy sweet. One pheno turns purple in cooler weather (pic 3). Grew 2 in summer (hot!, first 2 pics) and have two harvesting Wednesday (last 3 pics). Best auto I've grown by far, good in low/high temps, yields 75+g, low odor, forgiving on nutes, highlt recommended.

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    sonar Well-Known Member

    You pick that up back when the Attitude was running that promo? I bought Automaria II and got a 3 pack of Pandora free. I was unimpressed with Automaria II, but Pandora was outstanding. Probably going to run it again next year. I only grew out 2 of the 3 beans and only saw one pheno. Very tall, fast growing, with excellent braching and thick nugs. No purple, but then again this was back in June. The Automaria II had a little purple, but the 3 of them weren't even half the size of Pandora. Good stuff. I like the idea of having fresh bud in June/July when everything else is still in veg.

    What size containers you use?

    cannofbliss Well-Known Member

    Best bud quality>>>> anything crossed with williams wonder is generally great quality...
    Best branching>>>> Short stuff russian rocket fuel had ridiculous branching (although not the best smoke)...
    Best yield>>>> anything crossed with a kush strain or genotype...

    cannofbliss Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by whitey124 [​IMG]

    "Planning a outdoor grow in the UK cold climate, i was finkin Auto fem any suggestions ? been looking at Kannabia's La Blanca and BCN Diesel "

    try an Mi5 that should suit your neck of the british woods ;) lol

    but seriously... even though it is an indoor generated strain the ak47 in it will make it really suitable for outdoor growth and it is a pretty stable cross as it is the "5th" cross so it is pretty stable as well as a generally large yeilder...

    sonar Well-Known Member

    I had some good results from Kannabia gear, but I'd stay away from their autos. I've heard nothing but negative reports and they don't even seem like true autos to me except for Gnomo and Flash. The other ones seem more like short season or early flowering strains. Nothing wrong with that, but I think they shouldn't advertise them as "auto-flowering."

    Kannabia Auto Flowering

    SmoochieBoochies Well-Known Member

    Yes, I was looking at autos when Attitude ran their special last spring, bought a pack of 5 Pandora and got a 3 pack free. I have been growing exclusively outside for a few years now (until last week, lol) and needed a strain I could smoke in early summer rather than waiting for one giant harvest in the fall. I run them in 3 gallon pots in custom soil, nutes at every water starting at 21 days. Three phenos so far: short, minimal branching, dense nugs (rare); tall, medium dense nugs, strong side branching (common); tall, medium dense nugs, strong side branching, purple coloration on nugs/leaves outside late season. I'll be running one in the party cup competition I'm so confidant in her abilities.


    whitey124 Member

    awh cheers mate, ive been reading up and cheese seems to ave a really good mould resistance heard anything about "little Cheese" by Barneys farm? Genetics = Ruderalis X Skunk#1 X Blueberry. any advice would be appriecated tbh man
    ill ave to take a look mate :) any others man?

    Oldreefer Well-Known Member

    World of Seeds Autos are some great strains...paki ryder especially...very skunky, very narcotic at 70 days....Most well know breeders who use the lowryder strains for the auto side are pretty good...flash seeds regular autos are +....highly rec.

    whitey124 Member

    cheers mate that world of seeds has some really good strain info, heard out bout "Afghan Kush Ryder" ?

    sonar Well-Known Member

    I've heard good review from both of those strains. Think I might try one or both next year.

    troutie Well-Known Member

    not tryed little cheese.... but i have some Barneys Farm™ pineapple express autos.... and i badly wanna germ them :-)

    Afka Active Member

    Thanks for the input everyone, I'll start checking out some of those strains.

    Smoochie, those look phenomenal, definitely what I'm looking for, not a little 8" cola and nothing else :D

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