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Best Aeroponic System On Market?

Discussion in 'Aerogardeners' started by Sir Master Ganji, Oct 4, 2009.

    Sir Master Ganji

    Sir Master Ganji Active Member

    I've been looking around for an aeroponic system that would be the best choice thats on the market and wont break a budget. Any suggestions? please do not suggest the aerojet, the price tag is an arm and a leg. just something thats affordable.


    doitinthewoods Well-Known Member

    the one that you make from the hardware store. Look in to how to make an aeroponics system. It's stupid easy.
    Sir Master Ganji

    Sir Master Ganji Active Member

    dont have that kind of time on hand. :cry:

    doitinthewoods Well-Known Member

    yea you do. if you have time to wait for it to be delivered, you have time to make it. 18 gallon rubbermaid container, 300-500 gph water pump, about 5 ft of vinyl tubing, some T fittings, a few micro irrigation nozles (360 degrees) some net pots (whatever size you want, might have to order that), hydroton, .....that's about it. You can get most of that at lowes in about 20 minutes.
    Sir Master Ganji

    Sir Master Ganji Active Member

    if i had time, ive already would of had one already made. try being in my shoes, two jobs and doing overtime every week. barely have time for sleep.

    but then again bump, any suggestions please?
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    You can get a good idea of what is being marketed at growwurks.com. I'm interested in trying an aero grow too but none of those appeal to me, and I lack the skills to build one. I know people who could build one for me to spec, but I haven't thought of anything to tell them that wouldn't be suspicious.

    MRsteverson Well-Known Member

    screw aeroponics... use deep water culture with air stone, and use a fogger.... fogger can be purchased on ebay for 40 bucks....i used aeroponics before and now my plants exploaded with growth sense the switch to fogger systerm!

    rubbermaid 30 - 55 galon bin... net pots with neoprene inserts, air pump stoned...

    pretty self explanitory even with your two jobs u can make this system if u sacrifice an hour of sleep that u already dont get!!! best of luck friend and aeroponic sprayer clog up like once a week... fogger systems have no isues like that

    smppro Well-Known Member

    Aeroponics is better than dwc, sorry, and foggers are a joke everybody knows that, they dont do anything for that plants after a couple weeks, sprayers clog if you get cheap ones or use thick nutes.:joint:

    FoxCompany426 Well-Known Member

    Check out StealthHydro.com for an inexpensive, easy to use setup. Simple as that.

    RobMar Active Member


    RobMar Active Member

    FYI..I use about 50 sprayers and never had one clog....

    MRsteverson Well-Known Member

    i cropped many plants using aeroponic system... true systems and hybrids... my best result has been and will be with the ultrasonic fogger... way less noise and electricity... and i see rarely any true aeroponics systems anywhere(in which the roots are completely suspended in air) not touching the reservoir at all

    so telling me foggers is a joke is direct insult, and hear say info doesnt mean squat to me when roughly 10 of my friends and I all run fogger deep water bubbleponics....

    so laying it down------

    100 percent humidity with nutrients in mist > aeroponics water droplets, studies prove fog is easier to absorb( look it up)

    lower electricity and noise with fogger

    in general simpler, no pump to clean and pipes to clean and sanitze after every flush or res change, just take the fogger float and air stone out and clean, back together in a jiffy

    show me a aeroponics system that will defy gravity and penetrade all the way to the top of the grow medium... i need neoprene caps on the net pots to keep the fog from comming out..

    sprayer always malfuntion and get gummed up

    and the system i used is deep water culture ,bubbleponics, and fogponics..

    i guess your right... no wait your not.. thats y i ditched my aerosystem and havent looked back....instead of knocking it try to prove me wrong.. it wont happen and ull convert too

    smppro Well-Known Member

    lol it doesnt matter if you use a fooger or not, you using dwc, thats where your growth is coming from, try running your system with just the foggers, guess what your plants will die, good luck with your over worked DWC system, the foggers arent necessary. Second a true aeroponics system doesnt mean they arent hanging in the res, a true aero system is called tag and based high pressure(although the roots dont sit in the res). Last the fact that you ditched an aero setup for foggers, well i dont think i need to say anymore.:peace:

    smokecity303 Member

    send me 5 buck and ill send you blue prints for an easy and efective areo set up to easy!

    stilzz Member

    Well I did not see any system mentioned. Unfortunately this one is expensive but it is very forgiving :bigjoint:. Hydrotek Appollo 22. Its expensive though 899 sorry

    klassenkid Well-Known Member

    Wow I love how you are just putting down different techniques other than your own. Just because you may have failed at it doesnt mean it doesnt work. I have been looking up foggers and peoples experiences to only find big sucsess with them for cloning. Of course he knows most of his growth comes from the dwc! thats why he has it! The reason he has the fogger is so he doesnt have to buy a water pump and all the anoying hoses to feed the clone at the beggining.

    MAN some people are really ignorant.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    You said it yourself its not necessary, just easier for cloning, that backs up what i said, the op wanted to know the best system and this guy gave info i thought wasn't helpful and would send the person in the wrong direction, so yes some people are ignorant.:-P

    leova Well-Known Member

    2 Responses to your question, Sir Master Ganji:

    A) I used the Aerogarden, and it worked great! The only downside is a somewhat small reservoir, but that can be managed with love and attention :)
    There's also a huge AG community on this site, as you can see, and we're more than willing to help!


    B) DIY - wait, don't click away yet! It's not REALLY DIY....more like "BIY", Buy it Yourself. All you need:

    1) Big bucket/tub/whatever - this will be your reservoir, and chances are you already have one somewhere around the house.
    2) Lampshade - Put it upside-down in the bucket. The wire part on the inside will hold your grow sponge/medium, the whole thing is easy to move/adjust, and the lampshade wall acts as a weak-ass reflector, but you can improve that by putting mylar on the inside. MOST normal lampshades will have a much smaller hole than the one in the pic.

    3) Rockwool - The round shape fits perfectly into the lampshade hole, with a little squeeze to keep it in place. You can order this on Ebay for like 5-10 bucks, and you get a shit-ton for your money!

    4) Airstone + Pump - This will cost like $10-15 bucks at PetSmart/Petco/Walmart, or wherever you buy your groceries. Takes 2 minutes to open/setup

    5) Lights + Timer - Just get a bunch of extension cords, and string it around. Costs like $8 for 4 lights, which last practically forever. I recommend a timer with a single setting, so your lights dont flicker every 2 hrs :p

    ...that's it. It really costs next to nothing, probably 50 bucks, and you're not confined to a single "system" that you can't adjust/expand/alter to your liking. Everything here is movable and adjustable, and you won't spend any time fucking around with saws and nails and shit :p

    For an example, check out my thread in my sig. I got a lampshade setup right now, its stupid-easy :dunce:

    enjoytheday Member

    GH makes several aeroponic systems. I grow SOG using the Aeroflo 20 with no issues. Very simple and effective. Check around as prices vary. Good luck.

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Everything you need is here:
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