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Best 400 Watt HPS Bulb

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by scoregreen, Aug 19, 2009.


    scoregreen Well-Known Member

    Hey all!

    I've got some girls in veg now, getting flower room ready. i have a 400 Watt HPS grow light from htgSupply, and the bulb it came with.

    the bulb is in white paper, and the only mention to the bulb the website provides is:

    This standard bulb emits 50,000 lumens with a rated life span of 24,000 hours. 
    [*]50,000 lumens
    [*]24,000 hour rated life
    [*]mogul base
    [*]universal mounting position
    i want to get the best results, and read that the bulb plays a big part in that. im not sure if this bulb has any uvb output, or is the best spectrum...

    is there a bulb out there worth upgrading to? or is this "generic" bulb good enough?

    thanks for looking!

    scoregreen Well-Known Member

    no one? any help is appreciated :)

    OrganicOzarks Active Member

    The agromax bulb is comparable to hortilux, but much cheaper. I got my 600 watt for about $50

    Here is the blurbage.

    For use with 400 watt HPS systems

    High Output = 55,000 lumens !!!

    Spectrally Enhanced = 30% more "blue" spectrum

    UNIVERSAL POSITION - operates in any position including horizontal

    One Year Warranty

    This bulb is perfect for people using 400 watt High Pressure Sodium systems. It offers an extremely high output of 55,000 lumens. Standard 400w HPS bulbs only emit 50,000 lumens. It's spectrum is also made specifically for plant growth with an additional 30% more "blue" spectrum over standard HPS bulbs. More "blue" spectrum means the bulb has a more complete light spectrum equating into better/more plant growth. This is a specialty horticultural bulb designed and manufactured for plant growth!

    Grow with the best. Grow with AgroMax brand grow bulbs!

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