Best 400 watt HPS bulb specifically for flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by abrownmn, Dec 31, 2011.


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    Title pretty much says it all. I am also not trying to spend like a hundred dollars. I need good spectrum and high lumen output of course. I just need it for flowering so any bulb focused on that would be best. Thanks for all your help.

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    The best answer is that there is only a spectrum difference between the bulbs, lumen output is about the same, and IMHO the high end bulbs offer no real proof of better results that justify the cost. Then again, with 10k hours of life, the cost difference to operate over a lifetime is minimal. Have fun shopping!

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    I really like the digilux bulbs they work well

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    I noticed that, In your opinion whats a good quality, cheaper bulb that will do my ladies right for the next month or two and produce some high quality danks? I have them under a super high quality MH right now, but i think the bud density and size is suffering so I want to switch quickly.

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    Dennis Stein

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    They work, but with no UV (I had pretty good success with a brand new one, then switched to MH). I seem to like the MH Daylight Blue hortilux for flowering and so does "the Rev" (has UVB and I take the glass out of my reflector) . I've also had some great crops using Osram Plantastar (HPS) and the Super Eye Hortilux HPS.

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    How has nobody said HORTILUX? expensive... but they are the best bulbs, not sure if they make low 400w as you need though

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    If your running a Magnetic Ballast the 'Hortilux' is the lamp for you... But, If your running a Digital Ballast you'll be better off with a Digi-Lux lamp but if you use a Hortilux on a Digital Ballast the bulbs life will be significantly reduced and Vice Verser : If you run a Digi-Lux bulb on a Magnetic Ballast the same will apply.. Both lamps run on different frequency's .. If you film the setup/s via an HD Cam-Corder you'll notice the pic becomes distorted or flicker's with bars across the display.... this is caused by the bulb/lamp running at the improper frequency...but if you use the right ballast for the right type of lamp there'll be no flicker from either and both lamps will last alot longer :)

    Hope that help! :) - STELTHY :leaf:
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    Digi-Lux does put out a small amount of UV-B but If your interested in increased amounts of UV-B I recommend using any of the lamps you've mentioned along side a separate Reptile - UV-B lamp (10.0/Desert) as this will give you the resin & THC boost your looking for :) !!

    I know Ceramic MH lamps give out UV-B too, but for some RIU users the option of removing the tempered glass from the Reflector is not an option due to excess heat which case a cool to touch Reptile UV-B lamp will be just what you need! Hope y'all find that helpful :) - STELTHY :leaf:

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    The Eye Hortilux is available in a 400 as well as a 430W version ( as well as 600, and 1000w versions) unfortunatly no 250w version is available, but the 400/430's are great but only really worth using on a Magnetic Ballast - STELTHY :leaf:
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    'Dual Arc lamps' are even better still, but finding them for a reasonable price can sometimes be a challenge !! - STELTHY :leaf:

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