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Best 1000W Metal Halide Bulb

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Tagh, Jun 11, 2010.


    Tagh Active Member

    For those who actually veg their plants :lol: What do you think the best 1000w Metal Halide Bulb.
    I was thinking of getting Eye Hortilux Blue. Can't seem to find near as much info on MH compared to HPS.


    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    The super blues are bomb for veg and flower. 600w HPS & 400 MH in the same tube, a little pricey ~220 but dual spectrum = ownage!

    Tagh Active Member

    Ya I seen those but I plan on a 2 month veg. Pretty sure I'm going with Eye Hortilux Blue, was reading Subcool tested a few and he gets best results with this.
    ToWeRdog and FloWeRGirl

    ToWeRdog and FloWeRGirl Active Member

    I use the hortilux

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