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Belladonna Smoke Report/Strain Review

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by nowstopwhining, Jan 14, 2008.


    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Strain: Belladonna

    Company: Paradise Seeds

    Growth: Plant flowered after only a week of veg. approximately 70 days of flower. No pruning or training of any kind. 10 out of ten germinated and I had 7 females, 1 Hermie, and two males ( I got lucky)

    Nutes: Foxfarm Grow big And Tiger Bloom

    Yield: 29.73 grams

    Bag Appeal: Nice and Orange with a little bit of purpling. A little leafy but dense and COVERED in resin . (you can see the purpling in the third pick and its all spread nice and lightly throughout the buds) Resin Production was similar to a white strain.

    Smell: Very Sweet Fruity/Skunky

    Taste: A litte harsher than some other strains but it has a Piney/Minty/spicy taste.

    The High: Looong lasting Soaring Head high but it gets Stoney and knocks you out at the end.

    Overall I really like this strain, Paradise has some Quality Seeds.

    I quick dried about a quarter of the harvest and im smoking it right now...Heres the rest of the bud drying.

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    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    Very nice, bro. That's cool of you to take the time to do a strain review...We need a strain review section. It would make choosing a strain a hell of a lot easier to read first-hand accounts of strains members here grew.
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    Joey Bogus

    Joey Bogus Active Member

    I also like the idea of a strain review section
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    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    what about the trippy high did have ur mind racing with thoughts or did it just knock u into another dimension. Im gonna do some bella next grow

    dankforall New Member

    That turned out real nice. i bet it taste awesome. I hate getting only the breeders info(they are trying to make a sale) first hand info is the best.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    u say it smokes harsh a long cure should smooth it out. It is the quick dried u have tasted

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Yup..I will update this some once its properly cured.

    taekwondoguy Well-Known Member

    what seedbank did you get it from?

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Paradise...ordered through dr.chronic but they dont ship to the US anymore....:?

    Thanks guys...Im actually working on getting us a Strain review section. I know this is supposed to be one but its filled with junk.

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    I plan on doing one for every strain I grow...Next up is White Rhino from Nirvana which should be done in a month or two. :peace:

    Then im on to afghan kush, Hashberry, Hindu kush, and white Skunk.....They should all be coming very soon.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    The rhino is one of my favs how is the rhino smelling. That rhino stinks but smells good. And i look forward in ur cured tasted update of the belladonna.

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    I just threw it into flower a couple days ago...I Fim'ed it and its got about 6 tops :peace:
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    once that lady starts budding it will start smelling lovely. It reminds me of the artificial taste of a cheap lime soda or limeade. 6 tops cant wait for bud pics

    bleorg Active Member

    I've got a couple of Belladonnas about 50 days or so in. One of them is very purple. Both are stinking the whole place up and are covered with more crystals than I've ever seen.

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Thats how mine were...and yeah one of mine definitely had a purple pheno....I wonder why the breeders dont mention it.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    Bravo! What an efficient and concise report you have crafted. Very informative. There is enough information for me to make a confident decision when selecting strains.

    Joe2iisbeing Well-Known Member

    You guys relize this section is called seed and STRAIN REVIEW? lol

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Yes but also realize that it is filled with bullshit....and less than a dozen strain reviews....

    Thats why I want a new one hahaha :mrgreen:

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Thanks man, if thats the case then I reached my goal. :blsmoke:

    zechbro Well-Known Member

    that yield weight of 29g, was that from one plant? how high? how long was it vegged? topped? sog? soil?

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