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Being " gay" with lemon juice

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stupid, Jul 15, 2009.


    stupid Well-Known Member

    People that use lemon juice to lower ph:

    Fill 2 glasses of water
    Lower ph to 6.0 in one glass using lemon juice, and use ph down in the other glass.

    Come back 24hr later and check the ph in both glasses.

    Lemon juice sucks

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    I agree and it tastes like shit too :hump:

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    What does it have to do with being gay?

    stupid Well-Known Member

    When your gay you use the wrong thing. Same with lemon juice

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    That may be homophobic - but I don't care, it's still funny as Hell!
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    i thought about putting LJ in me water cure on the last 2 days

    stupid Well-Known Member

    Ya mean as a flavoring agent? Try it and let me know.
    I'm just sayin it dosn't stay stable to use as ph down.

    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    of course it doesnt stay stable.. PH down doesnt even stay stable.. lemon juice is just a home remedy.. ph down is the real deal.. but like i said it doesnt even hold stable over time.. i have to use it every day in my res to keep my ph stable... it really just makes you look like a jack ass when you say "your gay when you use the wrong thing"... and further more, even if the lemon juice doesnt hold the ph down as long as real ph down, it worked right?? it still lowered the ph.. which is what it is said to do... so if it was said to lower the ph and it did lower the ph it really isnt the wrong thing is it?? maybe not the BEST thing.. but not the wrong thing.. the wrong thing would be something that raised the ph.. so just another way to look like a jack ass..

    stupid Well-Known Member

    I am a jack ass with a good point. Sorry your gay. Didn't mean to offend. Just tryn to give good advice with a sence of humor.
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    I can straighten out lemon juice. Now that is a trick. It comes from reading every site on rocckwool there is. I found the Grodan site. They suggest that if you are going on vacation and you have ph drift probs as all us rockwool users had then cut a lemon in half and drop it in the res. It will gradually let loose some acid. Nive trick, never tried.

    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    wow.. havent been called gay since i was in elementary school... but really.. cant you do better than that?? gay is just too little kidish.. use an adult put down.. call me a cock sucking mother fucker... or a knob slobber.. hell even a cum dumpster... but gay, really?? i dont take offense to that... and if i was truly gay i still wouldnt... i dont think a real gay man would even take offense to you calling him gay... my point stands.. you sound like a middle school/high school jack ass with no sense on humor... it really wasnt funny... dont think anyone laughed but yourself...
    stupid likes this.

    cackpircings Well-Known Member

    Wrong! this guy laughed and I did as well. Nothing wrong with being gay, itÂ’s just a word like all other words and thank god for free speech. PH down is the only way to roll!:joint:

    stupid Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I'm sorry

    I thought we were here to talk about how lemon juice is gay. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about simsonsamson. Can I call you Samp?
    Samp, I don't want any hard feelings , so heres a link that you might find helpfull.

    That being said

    Samp might have had a piont about ph down. After I read that I checked my ph 2 days after a change. And It was off. I just assumed that ph down stayed stable cause that was what it was made to do. I was wrong.

    + rep samp

    Dopedogcapone Active Member

    yeah and with tap water ph down will go back up too but it's still better than lemon juice. have heard about people using ph down or up for fishtanks from petsmart but neva tried it id rather just use PH Down for 15 a bottle much better results...PEace
    amature enthusiast

    amature enthusiast Member

    LMAO! seriously, all the fags really need to lighten up. Dont apologize to the homos. Its not our fault their gay.

    stupid Well-Known Member

    I just ment "happy" With lemonjuice.

    (for all the gays)

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