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before i begin growing.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by NatesBaked, Mar 9, 2013.


    NatesBaked Member

    okay well I'm currently on my way to my new apartment, and even though I've been looking at all of the strains, i haven't really been considering the smell. are autpflower strains a problem with smell? i plan on ordering a tent with almost everything but a filter so i know ima prolly have to make one. i would assume any ak, diesel, or haze would have a loud smell, but idgaf about that. i just need to make sure it won't leave my apartment. my roommates don't care, but idk about neighbors. discretion is a must so yeah. I'm going to search through the forums for a DIY carbon scrubber or invest in a carbon filter/ozone generator. but I'm planning on growing about 6 plants, and since i was looking for a quality yield, i want to go with DP's Think Different, how loud is it during flowering? i don't plan on growing all six at a time, i have room for 6 so i think I'm gonna plant a seed every two weeks to keep a perpetual grow of sorts. I'm going to buy at least 18 autoflower seeds and then either try my luck at photoperiod or hydro grows. so yeah. i gotta drive and smoke so ill hit y'all niggas up laterrrrr. stay smokin!
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    northern lights autos have little smell. i have to stand right by mine to get the aroma. sometimes though, you'll get one that smells to the high heavens. GL

    Afghankushgrower Active Member

    Check out my Carbon filter link in my AKR auto grow. The link is in my hashtag, cost about $40 to make it there's a youtube video and everything.

    NatesBaked Member

    okay so I've been looking at DIY carbon scrubbers and i think i have a wayyyyyyy more efficient way of making one i just have to get the shit for it. i think it'll cost me 20 bucks at most hahah. and it should work way amazing. i was looking at the specs on my tent, and it's a 6 inch inline duct fan rated at 250 cfm, will that be enough to keep about a 4x4 tent w/ a 400w hps in it cool? i will make a drawing of my design when i wake up tomorrow, my gf has an interviww for a local hydro shop in 5 hours and I'm keepin her up.

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