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BC Bud Depot for Seeds?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by lookntaller2, Mar 20, 2007.


    lookntaller2 Active Member

    Anyone ever go to BC BUD DEPOT for seeds. I see they have some feminized blueberry. Is this a good site? Anyone have any recomendations for some good blueberry seeds.:joint:
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    dursky Well-Known Member

    bcseedking.com i am just finishing... looking unreal.. great site

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Gee guys, not for nothing, but what do you think about buying from a seed comapny that supports us,
    like.......Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds?
    There banners pay for our new servers.

    blackout Well-Known Member

    take note of videoman,my personal opinion of b.c.bud.depot is not a good one,and many others would agree,and no doubt vice versa,be prepared for lots of request to resend your details,ignored emails,and other bullshit,i did get some off them after many many hassles,and i do not give up when i think i am being ripped,but if you have months to wait,dont mind if you do not get what you order,and like using your email alot,go ahead.
    i have never orderd from the seed bank videoman and this site has as a sponser,but the man knows what he speaks about.
    it would be quicker to do what the good folk on this site advise,up to you.:peace:

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Another thought, if amsterdam seeds was willing to advertise with us, I'd feel a little more secure they are trying to grow a proper business and as such will service you properly....rather than just taking your money.

    I can tell you I just received an order from a different company, and they messed up everything, it is a nightmare, and now I have to deal with the back and fourth emails and the complaining to try to motivate them to do the right thing.
    Peace to all of you!

    ljjr Well-Known Member


    this site rates seedbanks, bcbud depot is right in there. this site is reliable for the most part, although i don't agree with his ratings for doc. chronic, i've had nothing but good experiences with the doc.

    Paradox Well-Known Member

    where is bd bud depot even located? is it in BC?

    green_nobody Well-Known Member

    nirvana sponsors the forum too and that are the same seeds but 50% of the price of that rip of AMS. i never had trouble with nirvana seeds but with AMS i won't deal anymore:evil:

    loveisallyouneed Well-Known Member

    I agree with videoman, in using a little bit of common sense you can see that the advertising and even the profesional web design (not to judge a book by its cover) to me meant quality. I've ordered only once but got great service. I accidentally gave the wrong e-mail address to track the order so I e-mailed them and the problem was dealt with before I knew it. Good germ rate on the strain i ordered plus ten free seeds, not so great of a germ rate but 3 is better than zero. Anyway thats my two cents. Peace.

    castewalpha Well-Known Member

    I ordered from BC Bud Depot. It took five weeks to get the seeds and 2 of the seeds were crushed durring shipping. I emailed them and told them that 2 of the seeds were damaged. They sent me 4 more seeds no questions asked. The replacement seeds arrived in about 3 weeks. I have also ordered from Nirvana. Seeds arived quickly and 100% germination.

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    bc has connections with some breeders that make aquiring these exotic strains...

    finding banks that deal directly with certain breeders will assist you in better genetics.

    i use bc when i need to deal with soma and delta 9 labs

    lookntaller2 Active Member

    Thanks for all of your help fellas. Hey I know the whole common sense thing and im sure most of you are :joint: but if you go back and read my post I was specifically looking for some blueberry seeds and I didnt see them on either of the sites that sponsor this forum. Based on your advice I will not use BC BUD DEPOT but I would like to find some good BLUEBERRY.

    dursky Well-Known Member

    I have a problem with amsterdammarijuanaseeds... i will not buy from them or recommend them untill they fix my problem (bad seeds). They basicly told me to f-off and made fun of me.. someone called Kim.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    hmmmmm bc bud depot i will get back to you on that one...i ordered 32 seeds a month ago they just arrived 5 days days ago...no seeds are labeled ( 2 different strains ordered bc sweet dreams and bc god bud...envelope is 12 seeds light..have emailed them and they replied that they will be sending my seeds out this weekend, so in 3 weeks i will let ya know if they are reliable

    greatdayn19 Well-Known Member

    i ordered some of the purps and they got to me in so-cal in about a week and a half. they gave me to extra seeds and it was legitimate. The only seed company i will trust too many phonies out there. p.s. pay the ten extra dollars for express shipping its worth it
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    naturalmystic420 Active Member

    The depot is solid...I've ordered four strains from them on
    two different orders and got extra seeds both times.

    I had an excellent fem/male ratio with the Blueberry...
    Not so much with the Northern lights. The shipping is
    very discreet, and they normally do label them. I
    don't know why yours weren't, but I'll be picking up
    some God Bud from them soon.

    cmak40 Well-Known Member

    I ORDERED 1 ORDER OF SEEDS FROM THERE TO TRY THERE SERVICE, they are supposedly located in bc and i am in canada and what i got was 12 Q-Tip heads in a plastic sheet in an envelope. they have never returned any emails, and have not let me post reviews on there site. was the bud ordered really the bud you grew? i dont think they are legit at all.

    any way i ordered from Marijuana Seeds : Cannabis, Culture Shopping and Marijuana Seed Site and got 5 kinds of seeds, the ones labeled in my journal. and i still am iffy about them because of bc bud depot, has anyone prdered from here and what is there rating for them. they to are also located in BC.

    OnSolomonsGrave Well-Known Member

    sorry to jump in the middle of this thread/discussion, but Bcbuddepot is a known scam site, if you paid them for seeds and even got anything you were lucky, but the seeds they actually do send when they do aren't the strains that you are paying for. Paid 90 bucks for Subcool genetics through them, the seeds i got were cracked and dry when I got em not to mention small and immature, Did I mention I had seen the seeds from the strain I was ordering, and these weren't them. Site is a joke and I hope everyone knows it.

    bud2befree Well-Known Member

    just go to hempdepot, joey weed seeds has a nice bluberry!! and u wont have to sweat gittin ripped i use them exclusively, and have never had a problem!!! grow on!!

    xkchronic Active Member

    I also ordered from BC and thought I had been ripped off. I recieved the same plastic & Q-tip packaging. BUT SORRY TO BREAK IT 2 YOU CMAK40. You didnt open the middle of the package!!!!!. Past the first 2 rows of Q-tip heads was all of my seeds.
    I also thought I had been ripped off, but I looked past my nose. 31 of 36 seeds sprouted. All of my genetics seem to be right and I am very satisfied
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