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Battery-operated Outlet. Does it exist???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by DepressedCashew, Feb 4, 2010.


    DepressedCashew Member

    Does anyone know if there's such a thing as a Battery-Operated Outlet that you can plug Fluorescent Lightbulbs into?

    I wanted to try to grow some plants inside this deserted Telephone Box outside, near my house. I can't do it unless I grow Fluorescently though. And there's no outlets to plug anything into anywhere near it. So, I was wondering if there's a portable, battery-operated outlet of some sort that I could buy from Walmart or some shit.

    Anyone know?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this =)

    TheOldRat Member

    use DC power aka batteries with a converter like this

    then you will need to recharge the battery when needed with something like this
    or this

    Actually I was looking at going entirely free/renewable energy source for my home but it it costly
    for 25grand I can use wind power to power my entire house and grow room
    then I can go out and pull the meeter off of my house and never pay a power bill again:clap:

    perhaps this may be better here or here

    logzz Active Member

    My old roommate grew with car battery's and a inverted when one died he would just recharge it. He just plunged the recharger into the country club lol
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    my two cents, bloody stupid idea :)
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    yeah i'm never one to call an idea stupid but this is a dumb idea on so many levels
    -starting with the "deserted Telephone Box outside, near my house. " if this was to be done in you house then it would just be halfway stupid

    Hobbes Well-Known Member



    note: any assistance this picture may give is unintentional as I agree with the others, this is a really really bad idea. It would only be a really bad idea if you did it in your house, the extra 'really' for the phone box. (thanks T5;))



    DepressedCashew Member

    Thank-you everyone from responding, it's actually been alot of help =)

    And I know that it's not exactly the best idea in the world, but when you live in the city, parents are a problem, and growing outdoors is extremely risky (for me anyways), I don't really have too many alternatives.

    Also, it's not a telephone box that has/had a telephone connected to it, it's a huge, 4.5 ft piece of metal with no use and nothing inside. Not to mention, no one will ever open it for any apparent reason, really.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    cus bums never look for shelter in the rain. are you saying that you've monitered it and noone has even looked inside for 3-4 month periods at a time.

    and here was me thinking abandonded phone box in the middle of the countryside, in a city...........

    not to mention ten thousand other reasons.

    if you want to grow that badly, then just take your wages, and move out.

    greensister Well-Known Member

    Funny little fantasy, but not practical.

    DepressedCashew Member

    You can't actually fit inside of it. And yes, I have monitored it. It's in a corner of my acre backyard - no one goes near it.
    Honestly, I don't expect you to understand unless I were to take an actual video of it and show you how exactly I'd do it.

    Wasn't really looking for a lecture, but thanks.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    okidoki then, well get bakc to us when your plants are missing :) you considered smell? if it's in your yard then your aprents are gonna catch onto the smell sooner or later unless they don't visit the yard.

    whether you read it as lecture or advice, not fussed, i'm just being realistic. what do you plan on doing for airflow, another battery, what about acoustics, light, bugs, are you gonna do all your work on the palnts when noone is looking, or in the dead of night with a torch.

    as you say, without a video it's very hard to picture (to me a phone box is made of glass :lol) but i can see just too many potential issues with it.

    if it's in your yard then just spend $20 and run a power cable out to it from the house or what not? wouldn't take 20 minutes to bury it half a foot down

    connorbrown Well-Known Member

    And drop the attitude, thats how you lose peoples help. We're just trying to help.

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    You don't think people walking anywhere near it won't wonder where the stinky ass smell is coming from? It WILL be found at some point before you are finished.. If you have discovered it, I am sure tons of others have too :p
    just noticed tip top mentioned this too :)
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    not to mention if it's not big enough for a hobo to sleep in, how is it a phonebox? unless there was a midget clan that settled the area a few decades back?
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    place a 20$ bill in it, just throw it on the ground in side of it and come back in a month to see if it still there
    i thnik this kid is a kid i mean come on whos going to grow with batteries
    talk about shity yeilds
    with the recharging and back and forth
    this child is going to shock himself
    just grow in your bed room
    there's guys on here growing in P.C's
    dude you can grow in a shoe box if you get you head out you ass
    by a dresser and hollow it out . theres threads on that
    grow from the back so the front still looks like a dresses
    i've head well over 250 actual watts of cfls with no change in my power bill if this is what you worrying about

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