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Bathroom grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by crickitmd, Oct 4, 2006.


    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    Growin some mota plants in a bathroom. Just startin off. Im plannin on growin them to 2ft then flower them bitches. 10 plants

    5 ft Long x 4 ft Wide x 7 ft Tall
    1 Exhuast fan, and Im addin another one
    1 Small Fan, Light Timer.

    4 flourescent 4ft tubes (for vegging)
    1 100w CFL (for vegging)
    1 150w CFL (for vegging)
    1 400w HPS (for budding)

    Right now just regular shit and soon 10 Jack horror seeds I ordered

    Duct fan
    Ph Kit
    High nitrogen fertilizer

    Thats my grow room for right now. If I fuck up some where, let me know. If theres more things I need let me know. bongsmilie

    ViRedd New Member

    Well, if you let them go to two feet in veg, they will at least double in height during the flowering period and some strains triple. The 400 watter isn't enough light IMO for 10, four-foot-plus plants. To do it justice, a 1000 watter would do much better. Maybe two 1000 watters.

    I'm not trying to discourage you at all. Try it with the 400 this time. You'll get some nice bud, but nowhere near the potential of the plants.


    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    okay now Im finished with my room. the pics are lame i know, gotta get a better camera. room is covered with mylar. got a 400 watt MH. and a fan.

    OmegaVermelho Well-Known Member

    As soon as they get 6 - 7 inches get ALL the lights pumpin ull get some serious grow dude...and don´t worry 400w HPS is good enough (of course 1 or 2kw would be much better), if u can keep the fluoros on even during flower use them as side lighting and u´ll get some serious bushy plants .... ur setup is pretty much complete but there is one basic gadget that u should get..a hygrometer (measures the relative humidity) basically u should aim at a high % of RH during Veg (between 60 and 80%) and lower RH during Flower (30 to 40%)...keep us posted i def wanna see the outcome of this grow dude....Peace and Pot...

    doctorRobert Well-Known Member


    jazzyjointz Active Member

    i have the same size room and have 12 northern lights / with 1000 hps /250 hps, and these things are out of control (bush and lot of branch ) about 1.5 feet tall and 1.5 feet round since i have 7 feet up do i veg for longer and grow taller or do i flower now? the tops of plants are almost covering the room. should next time i grow alot more for less time in veg ? i have been veg for about 6 weeks they look good but is that too long. will they get taller than 3 feet?

    jordann9e Well-Known Member

    nah, induce flower at 12" you'll be proud and glad u did.

    jazzyjointz Active Member

    sounds good do you sugest a gradual decline in lights? and what about temp . humid???

    doctorRobert Well-Known Member

    lol he posted that 2 years ago i just tipped random words on the last thread lol

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