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Base Soil for Super Soil Charge Pack?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Nickp113, Mar 10, 2013.


    Nickp113 Member

    • Hey guys, Does anyone know if Dr. Earths Home Grown POTing Soil would be a good base/buffer soil for TGA'S Super Soil? I'm a first time grower and just purchased their charge pack. [​IMG] here's the link: http://drearth.net/blog/products/org...-potting-soil/ Im not exactly sure what to look for in a base soil and was wondering if all the additives in this particular soil will coincide with the charge pack well, or would it be too "hot"? This stuff sounds really good... Any insight, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! ​


    DANKSWAG Well-Known Member

    I use Black Gold Potting soil.... from what I understand it is the commercial lighter version of Roots Organic made by same folks..I could be wrong but I recall reading that somewhere and though hmm, I should try the Black Gold potting soil for my seedlings... Check out my journal post to see results...


    Cannarchy Active Member

    It has quite a few good additions..It might be a little hot for a seedling but the only way to know is to try it out and report back. Be a pioneer!

    Nickp113 Member

    I'll be using clones for my first round. It's gonna be outdoor. Hopefully one day my dream of a nice indoor setup will come true. But gotta start somewhere.

    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    that soil looks really nice, i would just run with it.....base soil companies can't mix their soils too hot out of the bag, it is too costly for one, and two, if grandma burns her little pepper plants with it, she will not buy it again........

    MichiganGrows Active Member

    Yea id run it. just do your final transplants into your SS and if u layer correctly you should be golden

    Nickp113 Member

    Thanks for the responses everyone. ✌

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