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Barney's seeds... WARNING Acapulco Gold seeds are mutated

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Oldgrowerdude, Jun 9, 2011.


    Oldgrowerdude Member

    :cry: Barney's seeds... WARNING Acapulco Gold seeds are mutated

    I have tryed to grow from seed this strand....all seeds/plants show signs of mutation in over 30 seeds sprouted..... I have owned and ran 3 nurserys in the last 35 years and the only time I have seen such mutation was from using benelate by dupont and it distroyed all my stock. Barneys will just send more of the same instead of changing the seeds to another strand.... so I guess I am just out the $180 spent on the order...:mad::mad:
    Coconut Joe

    Coconut Joe Member

    I bought those exact same seeds and this is what I saw under the microscope.
    I definitely advise that you avoid purchasing this defective strand.
    slowpoke_rodriguez 1.jpg

    kingcapo123 Active Member

    wow 30 seeds ?? its hard to argue with that experiment maybe 5 if there was a few mutants you could give way but 30 is a reasonable amount to thewy this strain is garbage .......................... i think this could be a case of a strain that does not feminize well !! ............ im not a fan on hermied female femal breeding personaly
    Coconut Joe

    Coconut Joe Member

    Barney's seeds from what I am reading has a history of bad seeds.

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    I have an 8 x 8 bloom room, 1 closet for rooting clones and another for mataining the mother plants .....my 12 bucket ebb and flow system works like a champ. Im retired and live at home with a lovley wife of 34 years of marrage. I also am trying out my 10 x 20 shade house for some big plants and all the auto's.... so I stay busy. I just hate starting over with BAD seeds .... my time is more valueable that ... so you see I order 15 seeds of a strong strand and pick out the mothers every other year...so I have gone through 30 total two orders of seeds with nothing but crinkeled bent up leaves pictures were sent to prove my point,I just hope two many don't fall for a "NEW" Acapulco Gold.What a waste of time and effort I think....sorry for the rambling, but i"m still pissed! :twisted: :evil::cry:
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    i feel for you, i would be turned away from any breader who gave me a 100% defective rate on seeds.

    malicifice Well-Known Member

    Too bad. I have a barneys LSD going right now. So far so good kind of, comparing it with the g13 growing next to it its lagging. I can only hope it comes close to its claims.

    keifcake Well-Known Member

    Ive been doing acapulco gold from Barneys, got it with the Bday promo, and its the best looking and producing of the 10 diff strains in the box.
    Ill def be ordering more of them.

    ddimebag Active Member

    i am flowering one lsd...its the freakiest mutant plant i have ever seen...ever...the stem starts normal, except with three branches per node, then gradually gets flattened and warped into a weird looking ribbon, about 3 or 4 cm at its widest, with an assload of branches sticking out of random places (waaay more branches than there should be, even for a triploid). The top nug is actually two or three nugs competing for space, mashing into each other as they grow...

    Too bad about the acapulco gold...i had it at Barneys coffeeshop in amsterdam some time ago, and i liked it a lot...it was my second favorite smoke that trip, and i thought about picking up some seeds later down the road...now i wont bother...

    9867mike777 Well-Known Member

    My Barney's LSD plants kind of looked like hell, leaves turned brown way early and had some ugly malformed leaves, especially at the beginning, but boy was the bud good. Can't judge a book from its cover.

    bestbuds09 Well-Known Member

    same thing here, i had two bluecheese in a dwc, One of them was very fruity and very nice but the other was a "mutant" and give a smell of straight tar smell. But when it came to smoking the "mutants" bud was by far the best with a straight punch out stone. im a big fan of barneys product and to this day (over 4 yrs) i have not been disappointed with my purchases from barneys farm including Acapulco Gold. Good luck next time

    nemonster Member

    that's not completely true...ok "red diesel" wasn't that good (damn fat stems not enough bud...not nearly as strong as a real diesel/chem line)...but the "utopia haze" is a very unique strain i like very much...some dif. phenos in it, but all sativa and not much variation. a very very high and early harvest for a sativa-abslt. no indica signs in it.. made a ut.haze(f)(child arm bud sized silver pheno) x sour d ibl(m). cross (ut.haze reg seeds-for a short time they were available) and every ### plant out of it is abslt. gorgeous in every aspect. so i bymyself think not every seed they put out is bad.
    after that i backcrossed a well selected {sdibl/uth (m) x the revegged ut.haze(f)(child arm bud sized silver pheno)} will see what comes out of it...after that ----> f2 selections...f3 selects...stable ibl.

    MixedMelodyMindBender Active Member

    I was in the dam last year and I really did'nt want to go into Barney's, for I have been their several times b4. Service typically blows, but the gals tend to be good eye candy. Anyways...last visit, was painful. I smoke some decent Blue Cheese ( I would give it a 3.5 outta 10) and some Acapulco Gold that was straight schwag. After those 4 grams I purchased some amnesia haze full melt that got me good and medicated but had no taste at all. I should say it was "partial" melt at best. The Bulldog had some Blue Cheese that night that rocked my socks until I got back in the state.

    Personally I would'nt go if I was'nt married to a women with family in Amsterdam. Its a complete was of time and money minus the in-laws :)

    skunkdude Member

    stopped buying from barnys, pinapple chunk they say its indca flowers 55 days my arse its defo savtia 14 weeks flowring defo not 25% thc.
    thanks barny for mucking up my grow cycle

    intensive Well-Known Member

    i grew ag from them like 3 times....i was hoping for the better with different mediums, never achieved anything worth mentioning.

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    Finaly I see post popping up on most of the different forums and im not crazy...Barneys is selling mutated seeds... Just google Barneys seeds mutated and you will see there are many reporting mutated plants from different strans from Barneys....:-(
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Um, google any breeders name and mutation and it returns results, that's how search engines work, they return results for the keywords given. Not a very viable means of proof :D I've grown barney's just perfectly wihtout issue. I just managed to get my exodus cheese clone which has been rock stable for years, to mutate, something i've never in the past been able to do, simply a case of fucking up the environment :D

    http://barneys.biz/contact.php ;)

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    Mutated seeds have been around since so many growers use Dupont funguside benelate this has been an issue sence 1999 as far as I know. The product was pulled and MANY settlements were made, my cusin had a Orchid farm with thousands of plants and all came out mutated...so they contacted Dupont and were awarded $200,000 for there runed stock...this happened also to thousands of acers of tree farms in Florida...the product is outlawed in the US but others still use it...

    Just a note they tried to grow vegs in the same soil 10 years later and the mutation contuned...
    Chem Dawg

    Chem Dawg New Member

    Cant comment on AG but I've grown out LSD and was very impressed.. Great bag appeal and the yield was above average also. The high was decent, but far from trippy. I've had nothing but good reviews from my buddies about the LSD so I actually just fired her back up last week.. Well see how she runs.
    Mr.Therapy Man 2

    Mr.Therapy Man 2 Active Member

    If your looking for strong sativas ,go to Mr.Nice .I grew nevilles haze and SSH last year and both were good

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