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Barneys Farm Violator Kush smoke/grow report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by ink the world, May 24, 2010.

    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Barneys Farm Violator Kush

    Growth: 8/10
    Bit of a slow starter but nice growth after a couple weeks. Very much an Indica dominant plant, very tight node spacing. I grew out a few clones from the same Mother plant for this review.
    I saw no difference in topping compared to leaving 1 main cola. The main colas get so dense that they need to be staked or they will bend over :-)
    Clones well, takes a little longer than my other strains to root, but it is acceptable for me.

    I used MG organic soil, molasses and Jacks Classic blossom booster, went to less use of nutes and the plant that I did seemed to do better. Start off slow and light and work our way up I would suggest, seems to be a little sensitive

    Yield: 8/10
    Acceptable yields, insanely dense buds and especially main colas.

    Bag Appeal: 10/10
    I'm in love :-)
    Great neon green color, absolutely covered in crystals.

    Smell: 10/10
    Super strong sweet cherry smell w/ a a musty scent too. When I was trimming my wife remarked how it wreaked like cherry Jolly Ranchers. As soon as the jar got opened tonight the room smelled.

    When growing odor control is a must.
    Taste: 10/10
    OK, let me get a fresh rip and review again...............On the inhale nice sweet cherry taste and on exhale the musky/pine taste comes out. Leaves a film in my mouth and a smile on my face. This is after 2 days of cure, I cant wait for a few weeks and see how this could get better......its one of the rare strains that tastes great without much of a cure.

    The High: 9/10
    Very much an Indica buzz, nice high followed by couchlock. Probably not the greatest daytime smoke or wake n bake if you have anything to do.

    I like this strain a lot. I grow perpetual and this is going to be one the mainstays of my grow from now on. Its a great all around plant. To me it strikes a damn near perfect balance of yield, bag appeal, taste, smell and buzz. I highly recommend
    ewan uzami

    ewan uzami Member

    just started smoking my vk. grew four from seed. fairly mixed bunch. got one of the uber candy smelling ones which i'm now trying to re-veg. found it improved hugely with a while in a jar. have a musty, soily smelling one, and two thick tarry sickly sweet ones which are still curing. also made some bubble hash from the trim. smoked one spliff and nearly threw the rest of the bud in the bags. by far some of the best hash i've had in a very long time. great tent plant as it keeps itself nice and short. full ten weeks of 12/12 and it's absolutely devastating. my tolerances are sky high but this stuff seems to be still getting me stoned consistently which is unusual beyond the first few days (if that). otherwise ditto the above... well said ink the world. that's about the sum of it. great smoke, really juicy, mouthwatering and strong. recommended.
    also... 5/5 germed in PM lite soil... nice
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Ya man, thanks for adding on.....I went to hang w/ a friend that like me is a heavy smoker, and he said the same thing.....wow great pot.

    After a week or so of smoking it i still get ripped, that doesn't happen often for me....again I highly recommend this strain.

    ABM2010 Active Member

    nice thread,just what i was lookin for thanks
    ive just started my violator kush seeds from barneys i havnt ever smoked kush but i love the look of it specially the violator with 22%thc cant wait to see the outcome of it
    started a journal,have a look and tell me how im doin


    newest pics r on the last page i think

    ive sub'd this thread hope u can get a pic up of the bud,sounds great
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    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked the report, thanks.

    Here's a pic from this week of VK at 6 weeks flowering, i go 9 weeks flowering.....trust me the extra week is worth the wait :)

    Top of the same plant
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    ABM2010 Active Member

    yer thats lookin nice,i was thinkin on takin it 10 weeks i grow cheese wot is meant to be a 8-9 week strain and i always go 10,works better for me
    nice lookin bud mate,just what i needed to see
    did u get any hermies in your seeds or any weak strains of it
    rep to u
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    I got a 6 pack and kept 2 that I kept as Mother plants to take clones from....I had 2 different pheno's, one of them ended up going a tiny bit hermie (a few bananas)

    ABM2010 Active Member

    thats wot i have done.i got 5 of each and kept 2 of each just incase
    germinated 3 of each the kush r comin on well,growin fast
    2 of my haze r dying and 1 is ok but slow growth,im gonna mother them all then take cuttings and do a grow later on
    because im mothering them how can i tell if they have hermied or r poor phenos,or can u only tell if u flower?
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    You might get some pre-flowers while they veg.

    The one that hermed on me did it real late in flowering and there was only a few nanas on it.

    ABM2010 Active Member

    that is no good,i cant be dealin with hermie or bad phenos when i bought seeds i was expectin the real mcoy no bullshit

    Crypnotic Active Member

    Very nice report on a little known and grown strain. This strain interests me and your smoke report helped me decide to buy these seeds. Thanks.

    spandy Well-Known Member

    Are you really sure that is a Barney's Farm Violator Kush? Don't get me wrong they look great, but nothing like the VK's I've seen. You have about 20% the trics that all the others I have seen have. That shit should be white by week 4 if it's a real VK.
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Yeah Im sure, seeds came in the breeders pack....out of my pack I got 2 pheno's, I kept this one as it was my favorite of the two I got.
    This one has a nice cherry candy smell and taste along w/ the normal kush taste. You are correct about the trichs it does not get as frosty as the other pheno.....dont be fooled by them not being as frosty, the buzz is just as intense.

    I kept it because it yielded just as good as the other pheno and has a more distinct cherry taste.

    spandy Well-Known Member

    Really does look good man. I was just hoping your weren't duped. All the VK I've come across was neon green and white when finished and dry, but if the high is the same who cares what it looks like. If good smoke looked like dog shit, I'd still smoke it.

    Keep up the good work man. That is a heavy hitter to say the least!
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    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Not a problem man, I actually appreciate it. Like I said it was a different pheno from the others, just a different pheno, still VK though. I grew out the 5 beans and took cutting from each.....after being dried and cured I selected this pheno to keep in my perpetual grow.

    It does keep frosting up right until harvest, after being dried and cured it does turn a lime green. I dont have any pics of cured VK, i will take one though when I harvest...LOL i didnt notice until i looked, the second pic is from a different VK plant w/ a burn problem I had using MG soil, notice the burn on the second pic and none in the first. First pic is in FFOF, second is in MG soil, my bad :-)

    I have 3 flowering right now, i think I'll let 1 go another week. Another forum member has been growing it for a while too and told me to go 12 weeks, that it will keep getting frostier all the way through, who knows maybe ill give 12 weeks a shot, the VK is my personal smoke so a few extra weeks of flowering doesnt bother me.

    CypressRyan Well-Known Member

    Hello fellas, I have a few questions for you. I have been trying to find out what the cutting I got earlier this year was, I really think Violator Kush is the commercial version of what I have. I call this "Berry Kush" and I got it from a friend in norcal, it has all the qualities described in this thread but a slightly different look. The heavy cherry flavor and amazingly sweet room filling smoke has really gotten a big response from my family. Anyway, I filled a section of my room with it and am working quickly to fill my entire room with it for a cycle or two.


    jljones Member


    D.Medicated Member

    haha that sounds amazing Cypress, but forsure this review makes me want to order some! was gonna do scrog anyways :eyesmoke:

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