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Barney's farm LSD??

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Nixiedust, Aug 22, 2013.


    Nixiedust New Member

    Hey guys.

    Literally just signed up and thought this would definitely be the best place to get some answers!
    Recently purchased some LSD seeds through barneys farm. Was kind of an impulse purchase as I only read the review underneath the product...

    Can anyone tell me a bit more about the strain, such as yield and how strong/the type of high it is? I saw it was described as a trippy like high, but wanted to possibly hear someone's first hand experience with smoking it? :)
    I also plan to grow in a greenhouse, with some mild Cfl exposure in the beginning.. Has anyone had positive results growing this strain in a greenhouse?

    Would love to know anything about this strain! :)
    Cheers mayne

    Marter New Member

    My brother grew a lsd plant and gave me a clone. Yield is good, we lasted 2 months with 1 plant and smoking everyday with many people :D now for the taste : I absolutely loved it! - Lemon/fruity just like the smellz

    bud appearance is great, dense and frosty colas, very very sticky!

    The high was very euphoric : We went in an automated carwash while smoking LSD in a replica of gandalf's pipe and we laughed a lot hehe and music tends to sound better

    The plant grew very easily I used organic plant food that I just mix with the soil and it kinda time release I guess, then just water and let it grow hehe

    I will buy that strain again for sure and my bro thinks the same

    Hope that helps, Toke on fellow grower and happy growing
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    rbukgrower New Member

    how tall did the plant grow ???
    brotes grandes

    brotes grandes Active Member

    I grow all my seedlings,chilli bushes n anything small under cfls,they work great and even better then a mh bulb but you need alot of them and very close to plant with a fan on em to cool them down and blow that heat off them. I heard alot of bad rep over barneys products but growed the LSD Myself outdoors so kinda different yield there as most would get indoors but she finished about 5foot and yielded enough to make us very happy for months :) . Smoke taste was different n kinda zingy,weird taste not bad was nice but different. Mate this smoke should send you to the moon unless your already there or on something else already :) as it hits some people differently to others.It tingles ya head n brain then uh oh watch out lol. I had massive laughing fits n giggles for a hour then switched off n "observed everything" then snapped out of it and "switched" back on a bit later and wouldn't stop talking lol. It was a good strain and guess I was lucky then but now have heard talk,don't know if its shit or not,but barneys stuff are this or that or hermie etc etc. regardless mate you will be lovin it ,the look the smell the taste and the ooh so stickyness :) is guaranteed to put a smile on ya face :). Good luck n good growing
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    savageherring Member


    jackblack21 Member

    I was coming online to write my smoke report about my grow. I grew with 320 watts of LED light and got about 156 grams dry (8 days drying). I probably smoked 14 grams of test buds before weighing. I grew in a 5 gallon DWC filled with 3.5 gallons of nutrient solution. My plant was about 3 feet tall but could have been 4 feet if I had supercropped the faster growing branches. I don't find the effect trippy at all. I don't think the guys at Barney's Farm have done acid. Having said that, LSD is good smoke. It starts off with a clear high before the couchlock kicks in. In my experience, it'll knockout if you smoke a good bit. I close my eyes for what I think are a few seconds at 6 PM and wake up 4 hours later.

    Some harvest shots:

    Barneys Farm LSD 01.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 02.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 03.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 04.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 05.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 07.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 08.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 09.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 10.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 11.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 12.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 13.jpg Barneys Farm LSD 14.jpg

    achaser87 Active Member

    I enjoyed growing LSD from barneys, but probably would choose another strain next time. It was a great yielder for me and loved nutes. Veged 35 days flowered 63 days with 420 watts CFL got 116.4g nice buds. Strong head stone.. Check out my sig if you wanna see some more

    jackblack21 Member

    I agree with you about choosing something different next time. It's extremely frosty and pretty good weed, but it's not the kind of high that I'm looking for.

    rippn13 Well-Known Member

    I have LSD in my perpetual garden and am thinking about tossing it out. It is a great grower and a pretty good buzz but stretches more than stretch Armstrong. I like to force my will on plants and this thing kind of has a mind of it's own. Even when super cropping it stretches more than I want or like. I have a grow journal with pics of a tent that was over run with this and Lib Haze. With that said we also have several LSD's currently finishing outside and none of them have stretched near as much as the ones inside. The trich coverage on this plant is pretty damn nice and the smell is very sweet.

    The flower period is fast enough and most patients like it but it is not the trippy buzz that is explained in the write up. Mine tend to lean on the lime side instead of lemon but fruity for sure. It makes pretty good wax too.

    I think it's a solid strain but would be very surprised if anyone had a pheno that came in at 25%. I have not had mine tested but a few of my patients have said that The Doctor I grew from Greenhouse was better and stronger than the LSD. The Doctor is rated at 19% but I am convinced it would come in above 20%.

    I bought and ran LSD, Lib Haze, and Tangerine Dream from Barney's all this year and was not very impressed with any of them. The LSD and the Lib are strong strains but not as good as expected.

    ShineOn Member

    I have been growing this strain for three years now and it's one of my favorites. I usually grow ten plants and 5 of them are always LSD and then I toss in whatever freebies I've gotten along the way.
    I LOVE Barney's LSD. It's listed as an Indica but out of 5 seeds I will usually get 2 or 3 of the Sativa dominant pheno that rippin13 was describing. The Sativa dominant pheno definitely has a good stretch. The strech never bothers me, LSD is a beast and I will supercrop her during flowering if need be. The Sativa dominant pheno is a little harder and more picky to grow, imo then the Indica pheno but both are easy to grow overall. The Indica pheno is a beast, she can take a beating and is really good for beginners. I usually flower the Indica Pheno for 9 weeks and the Sativa dominant pheno to 10 weeks. She doesnt seem to be bothered by supercropping during flowering and doesn't slow down.
    Both phenos are strong yielders, easy to grow and great for beginners such as myself. It's what I started on 3 years ago and I keep her in the rotation. I use hydro and I don't add much of anything to it. Dutch Master Advanced grow and flower and DNF Hydro Sparkle to keep my reservoirs clean. I add Black Strap Mollases to the res for week 7 for the Indica pheno and weeks 9 or 10 for the Sativa Pheno. I flush for two weeks.
    The best LSD pheno I ever grew smelled like straight Diesel in the early part of flowering. Around week 6 she began to smell of lemon and serious sweetness. My other LSD grows all pretty much smell like lemon sweetness. I haven't gotten that diesel smell since but that particular pheno yielded me more than any of the other LSD's I've grown. I am always on a look out for that one. All of them are covered in trichomes, has great bag appeal and very sticky. I get lots of nice scissor hash from a trim.
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    robnarley1111 Active Member

    Good to hear positive things about LSD. I tried it one time last year and I literally thought it was laced with LSD. Unbelievable high and psychedelic experience; even more so than my first time smoking in 1993. I've been eyeing these seeds for a month or two and I am gonna get some in the next couple of weeks or so. If growing it myself makes it turn out anything like what I had last year, I am the happiest man on earth! Can't wait!!!!:bigjoint:

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    love LSD, grown em like, hmmmm ... 9 times now I guess, on my 4th run with em under LEDs and also grew em under my old 600W HPS in all forms, from seed and as clone, and from 12/12 from seed and as mature as 12 week`s Veg time, in scrog`s, and top/FIM and LST

    a "few" pictures

    DSC01321.jpg DSC01318.jpg DSC01319.jpg DSC01320.jpg DSC01328.jpg DSC01329.jpg DSC01322.jpg DSC01224.jpg DSC01225.jpg DSC01226.jpg DSC01195 - version 3.jpg DSC00884.jpg View attachment 2826647 View attachment 2826648 DSC02309.jpg DSC02314.jpg View attachment 2826651 DSC02098.jpg DSC02057.jpg DSC02621.jpg DSC02622.jpg DSC02020.jpg

    mainly comes in two different Pheno`s a more Indica prone that grow hard dens and really potent top`s and finish fast in around 8 week`s time and a more Sativa like one that finish a week or two later but also yield 10-20% more, with bigger colas tho not as hard and dense as the Indica prone, but just as potent, both have a lemon/citrus like smell to em and a bit of skunk

    as some already mention, do be careful not to over do it, there is no psychedelic effect here (I know) but its strong potent smoke, I have been smoking strong Hash for +25 years, mostly on a Bong and the LSD is as strong if not stronger and will put you to sleep if you over do it

    IMO its a easy one to grow, forgiven and easy to clone, but also have a tendency to hermi in flowering if you mess with her (Etc. super crop/heat) require a medium strengths nutrients, do well in organic soil but I also grow them in coco and hempy with good results and its a Mg (Magnesium) lover, so keep the Epsom salt close

    hope this help some


    rippn13 Well-Known Member

    Great pics Slipon... I know I told you before but your journals are one of the main reasons I went with this strain. Thanks again. We just harvested our outdoor LSD and I am absolutely blown away. It amazes me how much a plant can differ from indoors to out. Very minimal stretch and huge frickin' colas. I will keep this around over the winter just to put outside again next year. I gave several clones to others and they all say the same thing. Holy Shit seems to be the common phrase and two foot colas full of trics seems to be the norm.

    robnarley1111 Active Member

    Very nice looking plants and buds!!! Just ordered my seeds so I'll be planting mine within a week. Thanks for the tips re: magnesium and stress. Duly noted.

    BTW..is this plant "difficult" to clone as some say? I'd like to keep a perpetual grow of LSD. Especially since NO dispensaries out here have carried it that I have been to, since my first time trying it (two years ago).

    rippn13 Well-Known Member

    Just harvested our outdoor LSD and it is fantastic. Didn't stretch near as much as the indoor and the smell is awesome. It is much more lemony than the indoor.
    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member

    How much heat is too much ? my best is 90 degrees F / worst is 100

    hsfkush Well-Known Member

    lol hermie central right there for an unstable hybrid.
    Blazin Purps

    Blazin Purps Well-Known Member

    I have only smoked LSD once at the Amnesia coffee shop in the Dam and it seriously ruined me I have never before or after had as visual of an experience smoking weed then that time smoking LSD. This was 3 years ago and at the time I was a heavy daily smoker (still am) and had not smoked in 3 days so I am sure it was partially cause of the 3 days off but wow the cut I smoked was insane. I would give up every keeper mom I have for a cut of the LSD I smoked that day

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    I know its been a month or so since some did post in here, but just received a like so ended up in here agin, sorry for the late reply

    And no, its not a difficult one to clone, Im no expert, don't even use cloning gel or anything, at best I use a few drops of H2O2 (3%) as I found it speed up things a bit
    I just put my cuttings in a cup of normal tap water (PH 7,5) and leave em, in a weeks time they usually show sings of roots, if not I changes the water, maybe add some H2O2 and give em a few days more and they, in 90% of the time, show roots, agin Im no big cloner and have time enough, but can I get em to root that easy, everybody can, specially with some cloning gel etc

    Ooh yea beside the H2O2 I also found that a simple pice of cardboard/plastic to shield the water/root zone from the light also helps a bit

    And 90F is too hot, 100 is WAY too hot, try to keep it under 80F I found that 74-78F is perfect indoors for LSD and a RH around 40-60% works out well too

    rippn13 Well-Known Member

    This strain has become a favorite of mine. I was hard on it at first but found a good pheno with minimal stretch and a very lemony flavor. Very easy to clone.

    025.jpg 035.jpg

    This is my current grow and the LSD are on the left.
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